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#ArtMobile unleashes creativity in Addis Ababa

On Thursday October 2nd, the Brazilian Embassy was the venue for a workshop filled with a lot of creativity. The #ArtMobile teaches the young and old alike, how to produce art using a common tool, the cell phone.
Giuliano Chiaradia and Ana Rocha, both Brazilians, brought the #ArtMobile project workshop to Addis Ababa where many people participated. The project workshop travels to different countries and came to Addis Ababa from Tanzania.
“I have been living in Tanzania for the last five years. Twelve-Seeds Network, an organization that works with smallholder farmers but my background is in graphics design. I met Giuliano in 2011 and since then we have been exchanging ideas on the best way is to reach and communicate with people in the area of art, that is how I got involved in the #ArtMobile project,” said Rocha.
The two minds behind the #ArtMobile project had the opportunity to meet several artists during their visit to Addis Ababa. “I had an amazing time meeting artists here and discovering the cultures you have. I was able to see a lot of works by artists that were really impressive. It was nice to see the way people express themselves,” she said.
During the workshop held at the Brazilian Embassy here, participants were able to learn different tips on how to produce, music, paintings, films and more. And they were also able to produce different kinds of art while attending the workshop.
Giuliano Chiaradia says that taking the project on the road and visiting different countries and different people with different cultures has been learning and teaching experience.
“The experience has changed my life. I have worked with mobiles for 10 years. Through this project, I give the same opportunity to people that I had. For example, in Tanzania, a girl that participated in a workshop didn’t know what else she could do with the mobile but to use it for just calls. Then she understood that she could do a lot more with it, she could make a video of her community and the problems it faces to a larger audience,” he said.
He stated that most people just use their mobile phones for just calls and texts while the tool can be used for much more, even old model ones.
“In Uruguay, the same thing happened. I met a very old man that did not know how to use the mobile phone, but he had a lot of stories to tell. And then there was a teenager that knew a lot about the mobile but didn’t have many stories to tell. I put the two together to work with each other which resulted in a beautiful film. That is what I like about this project, bringing people together to produce something amazing,” he said.
According to him, the project workshop travels places where data shows that the mobile phone usage is growing.
“We observe different countries in the world where the usage of cell phones is increasing. For example here in Ethiopia, I read the government and people are investing in the telecom sector and in mobiles. So this was a very good reason for us to come here and meet different talented people,” he said.
It was the first time for both Giuliano Chiaradia and Ana Rocha to visit Ethiopia. “I was very excited to come here because I know you have a lot of history and culture and you are very proud of those two things, it was different in other places. The first time I set my foot in this country, I could feel that you guys very proud of who you are and it was amazing to see,” said Chiaradia. 
He also stated that it was his hope to comeback soon to be able to visit different parts of the country and learn more about the culture and history. “I learned about the calendar already and now I know it is different here, also the way you tell time is also different; the first hour of the day is when the sun comes up in the morning, which makes much more sense! So I have a lot to learn from you guys,” he said.
Next stop for the #ArtMobile project is stated to be Tel Aviv, Israel.