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Fighting non-human elements …

It is no secret that these days much effort is going into all out developmental factors.  One of those factors is the Federal Government’s monumental move into providing housing through massive construction of condos to residents in the various federal states.
If my memory does not fail me, there was one article that I had put up much earlier suggesting that there should come out a kind of regulation on the issue of permanent settlement in the nation’s capital through individuals’ movements.
Yet, it comes afresh to my mind, without encroaching negatively on the liberty of the movement of persons from one state to another that is provided by the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia that the Federal Government should come up with policy matters that attract nationals to local developments and that minimize their movement to the capital city for good on the pretext of finding jobs, etc.   I know this is a difficult task to pursue much less to implement.  However, some move that will balance the housing construction efforts of the government between the nation’s capital city and the federal regions’ construction endeavors will be ideal.  Otherwise, the capital city will expand into an unfortunate slum since one of the minimum requirements that enable a person to acquire lodging is simply a two year legal residence in the capital.   Any lull in this direction will become a difficult task to deal with if left unnoticed at the right point in time.  It is my conviction yet that such a kind of positive move of attracting people to local developmental efforts will prove effective for carrying out balanced housing distribution among the federal states including Addis Ababa gradually but steadily.
Nonetheless, among the status of the different social services that the Health Bureaus of the Addis Ababa City Administration and those of the other major cities may consider to offer the residents, extermination of bug or cockroaches and other insects should take precedence.  Bug extermination by the health bureaus of the capital and other major cities on fortnightly or a monthly basis is very essential for condo-dwellers as insects move rapidly and enormously from one apartment or flat to another.  My experience with an apartment dweller has shown me, particularly, how cockroaches and flees multiply abundantly in a short spell of time.  Of course, bug hunting is universal.  Even in advanced societies bug extermination programs are common.
The launching of such a program in our own situation will be extremely important for our people who are relatively new to apartment life.  Keeping common sanitation and environmental up-keep and management will take some time to internalize; it should be, per force, the responsibility of the Addis or regional health-bureaus to lead such an essential and inescapable social responsibility for some time to come, or, at least until residents start managing such a thing and beautifying their surroundings by themselves.  Obviously, besides the very important need it caters for, the employment opportunity that the bug extermination program will bring about or provide for is a rare input at that.
On top of that, it will not be a bad idea to raise nominal fees administratively for such a service from condo residents while the bulk of the expense should be provided by the municipalities through other financial sources.
I hope this idea will be a welcome input as I believe that the government is very much out for and concerned with the improved health standard of the people and will give due attention to what I have termed: “fighting non-human elements.”  thank you.