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Nation states flirt fragmentation. Supra-states entities (EU, et al) are losing their luster. Consumerism is exhausted. Natural environment is deteriorating faster than expected. Resource scarcity is all over. Economies are in trouble. Religious and ethnic extremism is on the rise. The large majority of the global youth is hesitant in perpetuating the existing lopsided order. This is the reality that obtains in almost all parts of the world system. As we have been saying all along, the modern world system has entered its final and violent phase and the above are verifications thereof!
Whether the future will bring a more humane, relatively democratic and egalitarian order or will it only be ‘back to the future’ (in the sense of same old instabilities & wars), is anybody’s guess. To be sure and unlike before, certain things seem to have changed for the better. For a start, the global beast’s (human mass) awareness about all and sundry, has increased significantly. For example, the manipulations/machinations of entrenched interests (ultimate worshippers of capital over and above life, humans or otherwise), particularly as they pertain to resource wars, environmental degradation, democratic deficits (plutocracy), economic imbalances, parasitic financialization, inequality between countries and people, ‘Snowdianism’, etc. are recognized by the general beast and well perceived amongst the thinking/sensitive elements of societies. But that doesn’t mean positive changes are assured. Far from it! Whether such broad awareness will have significant bearings on the destiny of humanity is something that remains to be seen!
Debt propelled global economic growth is also in dire strait. This gimmick, which has been effectively used since the early 1970s, to counter the lack of effective demand is now spent, kaput! In fact, it is the compounded expressions of the particular regime’s shortcomings that are now plaguing the global economic system, from USA to China, from EU to AU!  To salvage the collapsing economic system, unorthodox and clearly unsustainable schemes are being deployed by various entities of the global system. Amongst these, we can mention the aggressive posture of empire vis-à-vis resource endowed nations. The semi-peripheries and the peripheries of the world system are and will be at the receiving end of empire’s wrath, especially if they demand equitable share of their resources. For example, the policy/national interest of the reigning hegemon to control; preferably directly, otherwise indirectly, the production, transportation, means & terms of payment associated with fossil fuel, remains the major source of global instability. In addition to the hegemon, other members of empire/ powerful countries continuously concoct various schemas to dominate/monopolize global resources, by systemically marginalizing the natives and their countries, just like the days of old! It is probably as a direct reaction to this subjugation, religious extremism has been flourishing in MENA (Middle East & North Africa.) The callously built in disempowering/disfranchising project continues unabated, of course always under different guises!
On the other hand, there are emerging alliances that are trying to mitigate the oppressive conditions. Nonetheless, pacifying, let alone dethroning, the monopolies enjoyed by the beneficiaries of the old system will not be easy, at all! In regard to the emerging new alliances, the Eurasia block, anchored by Russia to the West and China to the East is the most formidable one. BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) is another grouping that might potentially help those who have always been at the short end of the stick. The recent announcement to set up a new development bank, an ‘alternative to the World Bank’, by the BRICS might just be a harbinger of things to come. But we warn again, the going to initiate a new system will not be easy! Entrenched interest (plutocracy) will do everything in its capacity to maintain the old lopsided economics/ politics/ social/cultural, etc. regime of the old order. Unless the beast residing in the West rises to the occasion and stops at least the most destabilizing/destructive projects that are spearheaded by entrenched interests, the future is bound to be more than chaotic! Ukraine might be the first in this scary situation where confrontation might easily escalate to usage of WMD (weapons of mass destruction.)
Here is how an African leader decided to deal with the old disempowering regime: “One of the crimes I am supposed to have committed is to say we are not going to accept 5% from our petroleum resources. To me, any talk of 3% or 5% royalties to exploit our resources is an insult. The surveys already carried out show that this country has maybe four or five billion barrels of oil and they want to give us only $400m, by a calculation of 5% royalty, and even that they say is too much for the Gambia. It could be dubbed a David vs. Goliath  scenario when tiny Gambia stood up to a giant, withdrawing its membership from the still largely revered colonial British outfit that is the mighty Commonwealth. […] So after 48 years of independence we have had enough of colonialism and Britain. They have not taken us anywhere but backwards, and we want to be free to be able to be ourselves. […] Africa’s relationship with the West has seen Africa losing and the West gaining. And that will continue as long as we don’t take a stand.”  President Jammeh, on quitting the Common wealth in October 2013. Good Day!