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The Construction and Housing Development Bureau of Addis Ababa City Administration announced that it is undertaking housing development with 9.6 billion birr budget in the current fiscal year. Getachew Hailemariam, head of the Construction and Housing Development Bureau, told Capital that the bureau has secured 9.6 billion birr for the current budget year from the city and the federal government for ongoing and new projects.
“We will commence the construction of over 50,000 condo houses in the current budget year,” he said. “This additional housing project will bring the total number of houses constructed by the bureau to over 200,000,” Getachew added.
According to the head, on the current budget year the bureau also carried out various other projects that are vital for the housing development.
“In this budget year we will mainly focus on strengthening the construction management in every direction,” he added. The Bureau has been engaged in several studies to make the construction sector more efficient.
“We are currently undertaking huge construction projects, for instance we have commenced the construction of 67,000 houses at Guye Feche around Akaki Kaliti area. This shows how big the projects we are undertaking are,” he added.
According to the head, the infrastructures that are basic for the new projects will also be constructed side by side.
The Bureau has two Magnesium board production factories at Adola, which has a production capacity of 30,000 ton.  “This kind of new technology is crucial to accomplish the construction with limited time, quality and lower cost,” he added.
According to experts quarry shortage has become visible, while the construction sector is expanding at a high rate.
For the quarry shortage several reason are mentioned such as lack of electric supply in the crusher areas and booming demand.
The head also added that the rainy season has also been a reason for lower quarry supply.
According to the head, annually one million cubic meter quarry is needed for the construction of 200,000 houses. “We are not the only ones that  uses quarry,” he added.
“We are now assessing the quarry resource within a 150 km radius of the city and we are also encouraging and supporting potential quarry producers to commence the production and supply for the project” he added.
Even though there are huge crushers planted and are supplying quarry, it is still not sufficient. “To fill the gap the government encourages the private sector to engage in quarry production,” he said.
The City Construction and Housing Development Bureau has also plans to apply other new technologies that will replace quarry.