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About three years ago, the youth in North Africa ignited spontaneous uprisings against established regimes in their respective countries. They were soon joined by other disgruntled members of society and collectively managed to dethrone political leaders who thought they were beyond reproach. Some of these leaders were earnestly supported & protected by powerful states from near and far. On the other hand, there were also leaders that were vehemently disliked by the same global power brokers and faced lethal measures. In hindsight, the overall results in MENA (Middle East & North Africa) have not been appetizing. And from the look of it, the near future does not look very promising either. Chaos & long-term instability seem to have been baked in this supposed transitional cake!
After the demise of the savagely corrupt dictatorships in MENA, the beast (human mass) was hoping for more responsive and genuinely responsible governments to come to power. But that hope gradually faded away and in its aspirational locus, the same old order was reinstituted, albeit in a different garb! As it stands, dogma, dictatorship, distrust, destabilization and disintegration seem to be the operating principles in MENA. As the youth is/was not an organized force in MENA (for that matter anywhere) the peaceful and democratic aspirations it tried to instill across society was gradually and systemically hijacked by more organized institutions, such as religious and military ones. Obviously, these institutions do not operate in a vacuum; ideological vacuum that is. The attempt to impose parochial principles on the general beast proved difficult. The more enlightened (hence open minded) members of society refused to wholly endorse the archaic, belligerent, extremist and non-democratic tendencies of the old but more organized groups.
Naturally the global powers that be, also have/had their own ideas on how these countries should be run. The dominant ideology of the global ruling entity that intentionally propagates polarization and fragmentation, coupled with indigenous proclivities to circumscribe rational reflections, exasperated conditions in MENA. The strategy of global powers, very often, is to create chaos, as in the case of Libya and of course Syria, Iraq & Iran or what is called the ‘Shia Crescent’. No wonder critical analysts label this final phase of the world system; ‘empire of chaos.’ At times and in particular geographical/political area/situations, the objective of the power that be is to let things as they are, even if concrete conditions are not to the likings of the native populations. Of course the ultimate and real objective of the global entrenched interest, first and foremost, is to secure resources, natural or otherwise. Humanitarian bombings, conflict resolutions, color revolutions, democratization, human rights, blah, blah are, by and large, guises to this devilishly ‘sacrosanct’ end! Contrary to the preaching of the powerful global media and the pontification of establishment literati, both members of the MIIBMC (military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media complex) many of the global problems do not arise from intractable problematic of human nature. If truth be told, a number of the critical global problems are centered on the lopsided structure of the world system. For instance the system is chronically deficient in meaningful democracy, justice, equity, equality and good governance.
If there are genuine interests to help bring peace/stability to global human life as well as restore/conserve/sustain the natural world, then the major problems of our time can be sorted out in a less confrontational manner. But that is not how entrenched psychopaths in power want to pursue matters. Be that as it may, the inspiration of the North African youth that gave rise to the ‘Occupy Movement’ in the West (to assign a general collective name) has not been extinguished, at least not completely. In places like Greece, Spain, Italy, UK. etc., the ‘Occupy Movement’ is actually programmatically consolidating.  See the articles on page 46 & 47. To be fair and unlike the strategy of old, the youth movements cannot organize themselves formally or even covertly. This approach has already proven difficult, given the all rounded power of the establishment. For example, the West’s Occupy Movement was systemically frustrated, by the ‘all listening’,  ‘all seeing’, ‘all manipulating’ security apparatus of the deep state! Excessive reliance on modern informatics, (internet, etc.) proved fatal to the teetering movements. One has to be realistic; state’s security apparatus didn’t come with yesterday’s rain. What has changed is; these institutions now have overwhelming tools & methods, not only to do complete surveillance of one’s physical activities, but also to penetrate the deepest of psyches of individuals! 
We believe such obstacles should not deter committed souls from their lofty objectives. Trying to propagate human life and preserve nature for posterity on its own, is a worthy cause to fight for. We acknowledge; in a ‘Snowdian’ world, this challenge is absolutely formidable. Devising new strategies and tactics that can beat the ‘big brother’ monster in its own game will not be easy at all! Don’t forget, the deep states, particularly those in the West, are run by proficient dehumanized machines-the MIIBMCs, which continuously make a mockery of democracy. See Moyers interview next column. Given this reality, the global beast can only take solace from the old brave axiom: “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty.” Good Day!