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There are only a few fashion events in Addis Ababa that bring with them international standard shows. They are the perfect platform for aspiring and established local designers to connect with the billion dollar international fashion industry.

Former model Emma Moquet Ahronee, who is passionate about fashion, also founded Scoop 253; a popup shop. Emma will be organizing a highly anticipated fashion show to be held at the Italian Embassy on November 13, 2014.
“I am really passionate about fashion; I also travel a lot so that gives me the opportunity to see different cultures and what trendy people are wearing,” Emma exclaimed.
Scoop 253 is a pop-up store that carries work from designers around the world, something that is not common in Ethiopia. In fact, Scoop 253 just maybe the first introduction of a pop-up fashion store for women in Addis Ababa.
A pop-up store usually operates for only a few days or a few months. The trend of pop-up stores; which were first introduced in the early 90s, has been famous in most places around the world.
According to Emma, Scoop 253 will make its debut in Addis Ababa soon and will carry international designer’s brands. She says people should not be intimidated as majority of the items in the stores will be affordable.
“You have everything; most of them are affordable things; around 80 percent of it. The rest is exclusive items. Mostly though, the items are for every woman, everyday clothing,” Emma says.
Ethiopian fashion is manly based on traditions. Recent trends show that, there are few local designers taking chances and producing modern clothing.
Emma says that she attributes this to the onset of globalization. “In fact, I believe that Ethiopia is now exposed to many diverse cultures, customs and fashion trends, which may not have been the case 50 or 60 years ago. The ease in world-travel has allowed for a broadening of the Ethiopian fashion sense, with more Ethiopians living abroad and more foreigners living and visiting Ethiopia.”
“I also believe that greater access to the Internet and television may have helped to inspire the young Ethiopian designer or fashion enthusiast to be daring and to step outside of this “comfort zone,” she says.
Ethiopian fashion has also been gaining some popularity around the world through a number of designers who are able to showcase their work on international platforms as well as through the growing tourism sector. Emma says the entire global fashion industry is fascinated and inspired by Ethiopian Fashion.
“You can see Ethiopian culture and history embedded within each piece of fabric that is locally produced. Additionally, there is a huge emphasis placed on the exceptional quality of fabric being offered, unlike many better-known manufacturers who focus more on glamour,” she says.
According to her, technology has also allowed the rest of the world to witness what Ethiopia has to offer with its unique patterns and finishes that are exclusive to this region.
“I also believe that Liya Kebede has been an amazing ambassador for Ethiopian Fashion all over the world and she has played an integral role in the Ethiopian footprint in the global fashion industry,” she adds.
There is also a plan to work with Ethiopian designers in the future. “We have not identified who we want to work with yet, I have spoken to two designers so far but I need to be in contact with more. The coming event will create a lot of buzz and I’m sure through that I will meet a lot of people,” she said.
The pop-up shop Scoop 253 is expected to come to Addis Ababa 3 to 4 times a year.