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The question is what’s more important? Looking good or doing good?
An increasing number of businesses are responding: Why not do both?
Call it an educational show or an outing event, next week the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI) in collaboration with HoA-REC & N and Cordaid will be leading the way in promoting the 2014 Think and Go Green concept. The event consists of two parts: a two-day conference, taking place from December 11 to 12, 2014, followed by a fair of green products and services from the 12 to 14, December 2014, organized as a family-friendly event.
The concept of green practices in business is slowly catching up in Africa. More companies are realizing that green is profitable. There are a variety of approaches to going green, and some of them depend upon the industry in which the companies compete. For example, companies in the energy, transportation and mining industries have a greater incentive to be environmentally sensitive than firms in some other lines of work. However, regardless of why an organization decides to investigate and invest in sustainable practices, more are finding and documenting bottom-line benefits-despite the recent economic downturn.
Rahel Getachew, the coordinator of the Think and Go Green project. argues Going Green is doing the right thing, because, she says “it’s all about saving energy, reducing  carbon footprint, using recyclable or environmentally friendly products or processes, and investing in the planet’s future.”  Take the Horn of Africa-Regional Environmental Center and Network (HoA-REC & N) new headquarters in the Entoto Forests at Gulele, this elegant and groundbreaking multi-use space located integrates green design and construction practices into the very fabric of the construction concept. The building itself will be open for visitors.
Adabe Berhe, of Adal industrial and one of the exhibitors, says involving clients and consumers in eco-friendly practices can be a hurdle to begin with, but companies come up with innovative solutions. His company uses bamboo as a building material for flooring and plywood panel, and says it’s essential to revolutionize the way we build structures. By implementing a sensible, cost-effective foundation of green practices, our continent will usher in a new era of greener communities
The Think and Go green Conference organizers expect over 150 participants. Some participants come from as far as South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, Cameroon, and Nigeria to experience two days of keynote talks, interactive debates, lively panel discussions, networking involving experts from the private sector, the African Union, and the African Trade Policy Center/UNECA.