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An exhibition entitled ‘Contrast’ by Suzy Techane opened at the Taitu Hotel on Thursday December 18. Born in Addis Ababa in 1969, Suzy studied drawing, painting and graphics design at the School of Applied Arts in Lyon, France.
The artist’s paintings incorporate ge’ez alphabets and numbers made to look like a mosaic work. She uses a lot of bright colors and focuses on people’s faces.
Suzy has a degree in interior design; she designs objects as well as clothing and actually held a fashion show in Lyon in 1999.
According to her biography, Suzy’s training in interior design allowed her to develop a profound aesthetic sense coupled with respect for materials. It is prevalent in her paintings.   
The Ge’ez texts in paintings are said to be associated with the artist’s own sensitivity regarding composition, colours and materials. They give birth to a painted narrative: a matrix of intensities, atmospheres and distinct lighting from which landscapes, perspectives and faces emerge.
The art exhibition will stay open to the public Until January 8th 2015.