Ethiopia: The 9th popular tourist destination in Africa


Ethiopia remains the 5th most attractive country in East Africa, according to the 4th edition of Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking.
The Consultancy Company that is head quartered in Madrid, Spain looks at six factors which it calls branding objectives, in order to give a brand ranking to countries in different sectors. These objectives are; Attraction of Investment, Attraction of Tourism, Attraction of Talent, Strengthening National Pride, Strengthening Public Diplomacy and Strengthening Exports.
According to the tourism report, Ethiopia is at 5th in the East African region and places at number 9 in the continent closely competing with Uganda placed at 8th. It states that the latter outperforms Ethiopia in the field of Country Brand Strategy.
The report uses a method called Digital Demand, which measures the online demand for a specific country by target audience, as well as indicators of economic impacts. With that methodology, the report suggests that Ethiopia receives a great amount of tourism receipts per year and its digital demand is fairly high.
However, the performance in social media is almost non-existent. This means official websites where Ethiopia promotes tourism do not get a lot of visits and promotional work in social media is also lagging behind.
Ethiopia is number nine in the overall continent rating and 92 in the global rating out of 180 countries. The report was based on research conducted between the periods of June 2013 through June 2014. The authors believe that tourists highly relate the country to brand tags such as local gastronomy, protected areas and local people.
The report states that, outside of the African continent’s top five, the majority of African nations, with the notable exceptions of trendy new tourist destinations like Ethiopia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Seychelles, all of which climbed significantly in the regional ranking, have lower global positions than those they held in 2013.
Research suggests that this might be due to an improved focus on tourism and tourism infrastructure in other regions of the world, as well as the weaker tourism brand strategies of many African countries.
South Africa takes the lead in the African continent’s ranking as number one while it lands on number 24th in the world’s ranking. Egypt comes second, Morocco third and Kenya forthg