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The long awaited new customs proclamation has gone into effect as of Wednesday December 24, 2014.
The new proclamation that fully replaced the 2009 customs proclamation (number 622/2009) was in the draft stages for the past several years.
The customs proclamation number 859/2014 which aims to promote and support the manufacturing industry and economic development has eight parts.
Efrem Mekonnen, public relations head of the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA), told Capital that the effectiveness of the new proclamation was waiting the publication. “As of this Wednesday it has become valid,” he said.
The new proclamation has introduced structural adjustments in the functions of the authority and its human resource management. It also ensures the ‘free movement of goods for those organizations identified as Authorized Economic Operators (AEO), eases Post Clearance Audits (PCA), and decentralizes the activity of the authority.
According to Girma Tafesse the Federal Inland Revenue Branches Coordination Office Directorate Director of ERCA, the new proclamation was awaiting for publication, while it was ratified early this budget year. “Even though it waited for a long period, it includes a wide range of the customs system,” he told Capital.
The proclamation is expected to bridge gaps observed in the customs proclamation the country has been using over the last five years. The need for a more modern customs legal framework to support development of industries and investment has made the introduction of the new proclamation necessary.
“The new proclamation will accelerate the international and local business in collaboration with the upcoming new proclamation for income tax,” Girma said.
The new income tax proclamation that also targets to replace the 40 year proclamation has been in the draft process for the past few years. The proclamation has now been sent to Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) for final revision before it is delivered to the Councils of Ministers.