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The Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA), who suffers from a weak network, has asked the government to obtain extraordinary infrastructure from ethio telecom.
The authority stated it asked the government to get sufficient and exclusive infrastructure for its tax collection operation.
“We are compensating the network blackout by working overtime, nights and weekends to update the data,” Girma Tafesse the Federal Inland Revenue Branches Coordination Office Director of ERCA, told Capital. 
Power black outs are also another problem affecting the network system to access ERCA’s central server, which is used by all branches of the tax authority.
“We want to accelerate our business without any interruption so we asked for an exclusive network,” he said.
“Basically ERCA is going to add more servers so we can send more data,” Girma added.
Tax payers and the authority that have branches throughout the country, including boarder areas usually comply with network termination.
Andualem Admassie, CEO of ethio telecom, told Capital that ERCA is one of the enterprise customers that ethio telecom follows under its Enterprise Division. He said that ERCA frequently claimed that it was affected by network termination. Currently the teams lead by the CEO from ethio telecom and Beker Shale, Director of ERCA, from the tax authority are working jointly to understand the problem and give a solution for all, according to Andualem.
“Even though we have commenced the solution for a long time we are now working in an organized manner to face the challenge,” he said.
“We are working on an action plan that includes follow up, maintenance and back up with the wireless system,” he added.
VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) and Aironet technologies are also another option for connecting ERCA branches far from the center. They already are attempting to use Aironet and VSAT networks.
“If they want and extraordinary network it will be the government’s decision,” he added.
Currently, ethio telecom, a state telecom monopoly, is undertaking expansion projects throughout the country.