Meta introduces its ‘zesty’ Zemen Beer


As the market for beer in the country intensified, Meta Abo Brewery S.C introduced its third brand of beer named Zemen, which does have an alcoholic content of 4.5 percent.

The 300 ml bottle, Zemen, is brewed with the natural spring water from Sebeta.
The new beer will be available in outlets around Addis Ababa with a 10 birr price tag.
Francis Agbonlahor, Meta Abo Brewery S.C Managing  Director said during the launching ceremony of the beer, held at Capital Hotel “Meta continuously pushes the boundaries to develop new innovations that meet consumer preference and demand.’’
“The main reason we bring out these product is we need to offer different choices to our customers according to their interest,  so these light beer will bring an answer to our customers who need a less alcoholic volume in their beer’’ the managing director added.
He said that the new beer will be available in other regions of the country after being advertised in the Addis Ababa market.
The company currently produces Meta, Meta Premium and Malta Guinness apart from the new Zemen beer introduced to the market.
Bahakal Abate, Corporate Relations Director of Meta Abo at the launching ceremony said that “Zemen’s progressive flavor invites our consumers to enjoy and be refreshed by its Zesty character.”
Officials of the company also refuted to claims that the company launched the new product to compete with Heineken Brewery’s newly launched Walia Beer, which has 5 percent alcohol volume.
“No”, said Fana Abay Acting Marketing and Innovation Director of Meta Abo Brewery, “we have been studying the market for more than six months to offer another option to our customers and we get a feedback that Meta beer is a little bit difficult to drink in the fasting season, so we then committed our time to bring out this low alcoholic content beer to answer our customers question.’’
According to officials of the company Meta Abo Brewery, the company has a 40 percent share of the Ethiopian beer market which was 14 percent before two years ago.
In January 2012, Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business, has completed the acquisition of the Meta Abo Brewery Share Company SC (‘Meta Brewery’), a leading beer company in Ethiopia, for USD 225 million.