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The Lideta Federal High Court is expected to give execution of judgment on Monday January 12 following the Cassation Bench’s final verdict on the controversy between the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) and United Insurance Share Company (UNIC).
AACCSA and UNIC, which is member of AACCSA, disagreed on the procedure of the Ninth General Assembly of the city chamber held about a year ago, has been in a legal battle for the past year.
After the Federal Cassation Bench gave a final judgment in favor of UNIC, the lower court began looking over  the execution of judgment procedure.
Previously the court handed down a final decision that the general assembly and the election of the board members were not legal. 
Based on the court’s decision the chamber does not have legal body or board to lead the institution. Because of the decision, until the general assembly and new election take place a new taskforce will be established to take over the administrative work of the chamber.
On Monday January 5 lawyers of the two institutions (UNIC and AACCSA) presented their recommendations for almost one hour to implement the court’s decision.
According to the presentation at the court, the city chamber argued that it has an interest for the Addis Ababa City Trade and Industry Development Bureau leading the chamber and managing the coming election.
On the other hand,UNIC’s lawyer explained that Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA) has to lead the taskforce which includes representatives from the City Trade and Industry Development Bureau, Ministry of Trade and independent legal experts from several institutions like universities.
ECCSA has expressed its interest in getting involved in the dispute between the two bodies before the case goes to court.
On Monday January 12, the court is expected to give a final decision about how the chamber will be led and who will be the right body to manage it during the interim period before the next chamber election.
The controversy between the two bodies occurred after the association declined to allow ZafuEyesus Work Zafu, representative of the insurance company, board chairman and a dominant shareholder of UNIC, to attend the ninth general assembly at the Addis Ababa Hilton Hotel in December, 2013. It has been seen by different courts and all the courts including the latest decision by Cassation Bench gave a final verdict in favor of the insurance company.