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A forty year old leftist, actually a Marxist, who has been an active member of the communist youth league, has become a prime minister of a European Union country, which is also a NATO member! By any measure, Mr. Alexis Tsipras is considered rather young, at least for the post of prime minister, to say nothing about his avowed atheism and Marxism. The old in societies, particularly those who have been benefiting from entrenched/lopsided social systems are hardly the ones to initiate radical changes aimed at dismantling reigning orders, unless coerced in one form or another. SYRIZA, the party that won last week’s Greek election promises to be a party of the large majority and not only a local caretaker of the global 1%. Alexis promises a good fight against TROIKA imposed austerity (IMF, ECB, EC), the unholy trinity of unelected global bureaucracy serving the global banking cabal. In fact, Alexis has officially announced that he would not even negotiate directly with the TROIKA, but only with the EU. Well, as the old saying goes: that is the way the cookie crumbles!
Pablo Iglesias Turrion is even younger, but no matter! (Pablo Iglesias Turrión is named after the 19th Century father of Spanish socialism, Pablo Iglesias.) At the tender age of 36, he has already galvanized a large majority of the Spanish beast (human mass). This cerebrally inclined Trotskyite, was also an active member of the communist youth league. Like his comrade in arms, Alexis, Pablo is also determined (if elected to power in Spain, at the end of the year) to drastically challenge the reigning debt system, or more precisely, debt-slavery system, which has been continuously imposed, subtly and overtly, by the institutions of the global one percent! Barring unforeseen circumstances, like being hit by the proverbial truck, or contracting a deadly disease, (like his hero Hugo Chavez) etc., Pablo Iglesias, general secretary of the new left party Podemos, is on track to forge a political leadership that promises to be of the people, by the people and for the people; a political dictum propounded by one of America’s genuine Republican, Abraham Lincoln. Unfortunately and unlike before, the USA is no more a Republic in the original Jeffersonian sense; in fact it is not even a democracy in the ordinary sense of global governance (Greece, Spain, etc.) The USA is a tightly regimented two party system that systemically inhibits the emergence of new movements, parties, etc.! For all intent and purposes, the USA is now a bonafide plutocracy, a reign of money for and by the wealthy!
So where should one look for inspiration, particularly in regards to a potentially operating genuinely democratic governance? For a start, the current upheaval in Europe seems to be one promising arena. The Arab Spring is encountering headwinds, but we think it will soon overcome the various hurdles, despite gloomy prognosis of the preservers of the reigning polarizing globalization. In fact, the ascending global popular uprising is already labeled ‘populism’, by the likes of the TROIKA, as if there can be anything else outside of populism in a democratic order! In a genuine democracy, there can only be populism of the people, period! There can only be capitalism of the people (even then, only by the consent of the people in one form or another), but there can never be ‘populism of capitalism’ as some sick entities try to convince us, albeit subtly, systemically and of course irrationally! Capitalism is at best, living or dead labor, nothing more. Human social existence comes first, followed by an economic system, be it capitalism or otherwise. Economic systems are neither the creation of God nor evolutionary nature; they are only man-made systems that are adopted because of efficiency, equity, etc.!
What are the new messages the perceptive take away from the prospective new movements of the youth, whether they are of the Arab Spring, Occupy, or the more traditional ones of electoral democracy? More than anything, we believe, it is the emerging confidence of the youth in itself. To be sure, we are not talking about the thick humdrum ones, who are only quick to pull triggers on all and sundry, because of blind belief in mystical systems that are hardly susceptible to logical/rational analysis! Our exploration is focused on the saner segment of the global youth, believing that the future, in all its un-predictableness, first and foremost, belongs to it. It is also in the belief that the old (mostly senile white men) running the world behind the scene (Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Davos, various oligarchs, politicians, intellectuals, etc. of the powerful states) must finally give way to the thinking youth, per force! The emerging youth in positions of power might not be able to achieve much in the existing prefixed modern world system, but it has nonetheless, started to demonstrate its determination not to take it all just lying down! The day when a good portion of the exposed global youth, (currently fixated on the latest electronic gadgetry, dumb movies/music, spectator sports-football, etc.) liberates itself might not be very far off. ‘Creativity favors the youth’, was another favored dictum of the young scientific rebel, Albert Einstein! Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Che, Castro, etc., (to mention only the popular ones outside of our continent) were all young rebels that tried and to some extent succeeded, in transforming nations, if not the world!
Here is a glimpse of what the new leaders in Greece/Spain say & propose: “We are going to destroy the Greek oligarchy system,” Yanis Varoufakis, SYRIZA’s new finance minister. “This is a historic victory of the Greek people. The Greek people take their future into their own hands. A new page has turned, it is a historic moment for the entire Europe.” Yiannis Milios, chief economy policy maker of Syriza. “The era of ‘Troika’ debt inspectors is over for Greece. The bailout is over. Blackmail is over. Subservience is over.” “The EU must change in order to survive; the EU lacks democracy, and citizens do not believe that their vote can change policy.” Alexis Tsipras. “The wind of democratic change is blowing in Europe.” Pablo Iglesias of PODEMOS. Good Day!