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The river Nile is what has inspired a collection of several photographic works by artists living in three countries located on the bank of the Nile. The works of these photographers from Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt has been on display at the Goethe-Institute since January 15.

Curated by German photographer André Lützen, the photographs were exhibited in Khartoum in 2013 and three of the compilations were brought to Addis Ababa to be showcased at the 2014 Addis Foto Fest that was held last year in December.
Among the three compilations is “Lessons of humanity by the Blue Nile” done by Brook Mengistu. This compilation tells the story of spiritual scholars and pupils in Ethiopia. “As a photographer I see beauty in everything and I want to capture it all, but this workshop has helped me to guide those images of beauty towards a theme,” the artist says.
The other is “Lab of Creation” done by Mohamed Alsadig from Sudan and his work explores the art of making clay handicrafts and the people that make them. He says that the Nile generously provides water and fertile land and those who inhabit the land learned how to create pottery and use it in different ways.
“Now museums have already started saving for our work of art on Nubian pottery, which tells the culture and history of Nubian civilization,” he says.
The third composition is by Egyptian photographer Alabd Mahmoud called “A day in the life of a Rosetta family” which tells the story of a small village in the Nile Delta, discovering people’s uncomplicated simple lives.
The exhibition will stay open to the public until Sunday February 8.