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Data obtained from the City Government of Addis Ababa Occupational Competency Assessment and Certification Center revealed that 46 percent of those who took competency tests in the first six months of this fiscal year have failed to pass the aptitude test. Out of the 10,993 employees that took the test 5,096 scored below the pass mark. Those who took the exams have years of on the job experience in their respective medium and large industries.
Majority of the failed candidates are employees in manufacturing; information and communications technology; business and finance; and health sectors who have also served in various positions.
Belay Bogale, a manufacturing worker who failed the test said, “I appreciate the competency test. However, the test I took at the center is different from the knowledge I have about the industry. The center must give tests that measure our knowhow of the industry.’’
The Center invites manufacturers and industries to have their employees take the competency testing voluntarily. 
The center also encourages manufacturers and industries to get their employees rated to enable them see what workers are lacking in terms of skill.
Some manufacturers and industries whose workers attained lower ratings will return for another test. However, there is no mandatory law that obliges industries to take the test nor have their employees’ skills upgraded.
In contrast, micro enterprise candidates who took the competency evaluation have passed the examination with flying marks.
Director of the Center Ashebir Tekle told Capital that the examination was prepared following international standards to be able to determine candidates’ professional capability.  
“The number of candidates from the industry who take the competency test increases every year though we have a big number of failures’’ he said.
“Those who failed the test will sit again for the examination until they pass” Ashiber said. “But we are glad that 57 percent out of the total 42,093 candidates who have taken the test in the last six months have passed. This shows our vocational schools are doing a great job to bear an efficient worker.’’
The director added that minimal awareness by the public regarding the test and forged competency clearance document is still a challenge that obstructs the center’s objective.
“Without a competency test, an industry cannot have efficient workers and those  that do not have such awareness must strive to have that understanding.”
In the just ended fiscal year 62 percent of the 70, 255 candidates who took the competency test have scored a pass mark.