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As broader systems decay and enter the phase of lurid degeneration, the segments undergoing active & explicit fracturing entice quibbles amongst internal operators as well as outside spectators and speculators. Principled critiques based on systemic analysis (considered outliers to the system) pursued by the inquisitive types hardly muster the attention of the larger beast (human mass), particularly when the going is good. When the going is not so good (as is the case in Southern Europe) or even bad, (MENA, Middle East & North Africa, etc.) common sense (emanating from the human mass, not the power contenders) ascends to the fore. Such a scenario (pre-revolutionary/ revolutionary conditions) allows some room for principles critiques to entertain transformative alternatives. At this point, the high priests of the entrenched system inundate ascending discourses/debates with freshly painted insubstantial critiques, with the sole purpose of pacifying the resolve of the restive beast!
In the prevailing world system, the beast (as much as possible) is trying to distance itself from the current narratives of the global power that be. As we have repeatedly pointed out, movements like SYRIZA in Greece and PODEMOS in Spain, ‘FIVE STAR’ in Italy and now AAM ADMI Party, or Common Man’s Party, in India are only precursors of global parties to come. As the efforts of reformers/activists (working against the polarizing system) start to bear fruit, disagreements between the top honchos/beneficiaries of the system are becoming more audible. Some amongst the powerful have become more amenable to the changing realities in the world system, while others want to stick to their guns, so to speak. For instance, there is a visible divergence between the strategies of European powers (minus UK) and the USA in regards to the unfolding reality in Ukraine. The European Union (it seems) was forced to temper its ambitions/objectives on the account of developments on the Ukrainian ground, while the leadership (some) in the United States insists on imposing its apparition on the Ukrainian territory, whatever the consequences to the region’s ultimate peace and security. Here are differing and revealing opinions coming from unexpected quarters.
Economic views have also started to diverge. In the critical case of Greece, where the very survival of the Euro is in question, the German strategy seems to be on a collusion course with that of the Club Med (Southern Europe), along with that of the White house. The PIGS or even the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) want a thorough reassessment and revaluation of the agreement they were swiftly forced to sign during the heights of the ‘financial crisis’. Having experienced severe austerity as imposed by the TROIKA (IMF, ECB, EC), the beast in these countries now wants to abandon the austerity regime in its totality. But the TROIKA, (as usual) doesn’t seem to be in a mood to tackle the matter afresh, even though the newly elected governments have popular mandates to do so! Some of the ascending parties want to go as far as withdrawing from the Euro altogether. At least this is the declared position of the ‘FIVE STAR’ movement in Italy and the conservatives in France! We believe the bureaucratic operators of dominant interests (TROIKA, et al) are not seriously appreciating the gravity of the matter. As it stands, the new and ascending European sentiment (spearheaded by the beast) can easily derail the remnants of the ‘Bretton Woods’ regime! The portion of the agreement that dealt with ‘dollar-gold convertibility’ has been unilaterally abrogated by the USA way back in 1971.
The significantly raised awareness of the global beast is another area where the powers that be are having disagreements. Some take the new empowering developments (internet, participatory democracy, transparency, etc.) as positive tools to deepen real plebian democracy and enlightenment, while others think it is an outright threat to the existing system, which has been disproportionately benefitting the 1% for over half a millennium. For example, the Anglo countries, led by the USA followed by the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are determined to have complete data/knowledge of all individuals walking the surface of the earth, via surveillance, etc. They also want to obtain all information about all entities that are operating across the world, be them commercial enterprises, states or otherwise. They want to leverage their current technical expertise to further expand their advantages in the world system. Others don’t seem so eager as to impose such an Orwellian order on humanity. See the commentary of a former Australian prime minister in regards to such imperial ambitions next column. Overall things have started to turn and churn in the prevailing world system. How situations will play out in the coming months/years or even decades is anybody’s guess.
As we muddle through the chaotic phase of the collapsing modern world system, it helps to recall certain basic principles that were once the foundation of emancipatory initiatives. Here is a warning of an old republican and federalist: “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced as the very definition of tyranny.” A founding father and fourth president of the USA, also regarded as the father of the US constitution, James Madison. Good Day!