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Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn promised the Ethiopian community in Djibouti that they will have a community school where they can send their children to. The premier made the statement during his visit to Djibouti last week from February 7 to 9, 2015. 
“We will open the facility by the coming academic year and the government will allocate adequate budget,” Hailemairam said to the community.
A considerable number of the Ethiopian community members in Djibouti requested the government to open a school that follows the Ethiopian curriculum system during a meeting with the premier on Saturday February 7, 2015.
Members of the community said that there is a very big Ethiopian community in Djibouti with established families. But the majority of the community does not have the income to send their children to Djiboutian schools, speakers said at the discussion held with the prime minister.
“The education is very expensive compared with our income and that makes it very difficult for us to send our children to school” they said.
The PM said that his government has accepted their demand and promised it will follow the progress closely.
The school will also be the second school outside Ethiopia that gives education according to the Ethiopian curriculum. 
The first school that teaches based on the Ethiopian curriculum outside Ethiopia was opened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1994. Currently it gives elementary and secondary education to students of Ethiopian origins and nationals residing in Saudi Arabia.
Some of the Ethiopian community members in Djibouti told Capital that the facility will not be advantageous only for the Ethiopian community, but Djiboutian families will also be able to send their children to this school.
According to Hailemariam, children who live in Djibouti can attend the school that is expected to be opened soon and they shall pursue their university education in Ethiopia. Some Ethiopian community members told Capital that the prime minister’s promise gave them a big relief.
According to estimates of the Ethiopian Embassy in Djibouti, over 100,000 Ethiopians live in the country.
The community representatives have also asked the government to facilitate some religious based needs with the Djiboutian administration. One of their questions was to be allowed to have a cemetery. “I will discuss with the President of Djibouti on the issues how the community  can get graveyards and you will get the response from the Ethiopian embassy,” the PM responded.
Currently, the economic integration of the two countries is growing in several dimensions. On his latest visit PM Hailemariam and President Guelleh have also agreed to accelerate the integration more.
Establishment of the new education facility for the Ethiopian community is considered as one of the moves for the social integration between the two countries.