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Why do individuals lie? Why do institutions lie, whether they are of the market, the state or otherwise? Our answer is simple; they lie because they want to have/be what they don’t deserve. Granted, the word ‘deserve’ is morally laden, but so is any human society. Society, as an entity, is (almost always) morally decent and tries to refrain (again as a whole) from undeserved wants or greed. It is because of this inherently moral character of human societies, dominant & entrenched interests, (usually spearheaded by psychopaths & sociopaths) continue to systemically lie to the beast/sheeple (human mass), so that they can get what they don’t deserve. Or phrasing it in the usual dramatic fashion; the honchos incessantly lie, because they want to get away with murder! See Ilargi’s article next column.
Raw power must be sugar coated before it is unleashed on the weaker nations/peoples. That is why ‘lies, lies and damn lies’, are amongst the major tools used to indoctrinate/brainwash the gullible sheeple/beast into slavish submission to the wicked system of the psychos. The Great War or WWI was waged because of massively orchestrated lies. As a result millions died and the so-called Versailles Treaty (signed at the end of WWI) assured another war will follow soon- the Greater War, WWII! It seems ‘lies, lies & damn lies’ have always been the foundation of aggressive military posturing throughout history. Currently, the destabilization of countries, particularly those that are promising to be powers on their own rights (regional powers) is empires’ top priority. China and Russia are on the forefront of these quiet and not so quiet onslaughts. The Ukrainian case is only one part of the whole destabilization project. See Parry’s & Le Pen’s article and the others on page 23,46 & 47.
As the pace of global economic collapse accelerates, entrenched interests (the .01%) are concocting all kinds of false flags to escalate existing conflicts to bona fide global wars or even WWIII! In the most powerful countries of the West, the war/killing industry is a significant part of the whole economy. As a result, continuous demand must be created for its destructive products worldwide. By extension and inevitably this necessitates the proliferation of conflicts across the globe. Moreover, wars always bring plenty of loot (in one form or another) to the victors, which the collapsing crony capitalism desperately needs! Understandably, the structural decay of the world system is not all that obvious to the general sheeple/beast, as it is still afflicted with the bread & circus syndrome. Luckily, there are perceptible signs that things are changing in some of the countries within the very womb of empire itself. In Greece and Spain, we are witnessing a transparent democratic move away from the current narrative of aggressiveness based on systemic lies perpetuated by dominant interests. The leading parties (in power and polls, respectively) ultimately want to withdraw their countries (Greece & Spain) from NATO! Even the conservative Le Pen of France (National Front) promises to cancel the country’s membership in NATO, if elected. Obviously, such facts and sentiments are hardly aired by the paid media (both state & private) or to use their conventional name, msm (mainstream media).
When an individual is engaged in lying, the damage is usually tolerable, unless this person commands power, to say nothing about respect and influence. Remember the outright lie, pontificated by the powers that be, (using as mouth pieces their reputed ones) in order to launch a war of aggression against Iraq (the lies about WMD)? The lie of a young man desiring to get laid or the ‘white lies’ of gossiping ladies might not be all that harmful to society at large.  We admit there are also those compulsive liars in all societies. In such cases, societies, traditional or otherwise, have developed ways of handling this sad affliction. In some chronic cases, it seems individuals must lie nonstop, just to keep breathing or walking. We believe modern psychiatry can be of help here.
In cases of persistent institutional lying, the danger is always profound. For instance, when institutions of the market indulge in ‘lies, lies & damn lies’, society can be adversely impacted. Sugary drinks are harmless to one’s health or subtly preaching that engorging/consumption is the way to fulfillment/nirvana, etc. are some of the dangerous lies market institutions are systemically propagating. When subliminal ‘lies, lies & damn lies’ are implanted in the psyche of the sheeple/beast, results can be very devastating, because before the sheeple/beast wakes up from its slumber to critique the destructive situations, (based on lies) the whole world might blow up! Most importantly, when ‘lies, lies and damn lies’ become pronounced in a given society, it requires more ‘lies, lies and damn lies’ to keep the whole charade going. And when finally things start to blow up, they can actually blow up pretty!
Whether we like it or not, the situation we currently find ourselves in, is more or less just that! As it stands, dominant interests are actually working hard to curtail the dissemination of truth/facts based on concrete realities (on the ground) intended to enlighten the sheeple/beast. There are now initiatives within empire, particularly the USA, to thwart off, legally and technically, broadcasting and distribution of facts/truths by alternative media and other entities! See the articles on page 47. Welcome to the deepening of Snowdianism, the highest form of Orwellianism!
Those who are currently blinded by power must rethink their destructive global strategies. The sheeple/beast might not be knowledgeable, but in the final analysis ultimate conscience resides only within it (collective humanity). “God forbid we should be twenty years without a rebellion. What country can preserve its liberties if the rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?” President Thomas Jefferson of the USA (1787). Good Day!