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The Ethiopia Institution of the Ombudsman requests the Civil Service Ministry for clarifications why 602 employees of the Agency for Government Houses were denied of salary increments which the government had approved for all civil servants.
In August 2014, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) announced a salary increment of 33 to 46 percent following an approval by the Council of Ministers.
However, the Civil Service ministry did not approve the adjusted salary scale of 602 employees of the agency. Many of these workers had low paying jobs working as cleaner, guard, wood and metal worker, electrician and plumbers.
After examining the complaint the employees presented,  the Ombudsman office wrote a letter to the Civil Service Ministry asking for the reasons behind the denial of the increment the workers were entitled to.
Adiss Ejigu, Public Relation Head of the Agency for Government Houses told Capital that the Civil Service Ministry had notified the agency that some of the workers were not entitled to the increment as they have already passed the highest wage limit a government employee can be paid. “Before we were incorporated to the Civil Service Ministry in 2008, we were administered by a labor association, and during then the association used to increase worker’s salaries every year and when the new salary adjustment came from the government, it didn’t align with some of our workers that already passed the required salary level for a specific job.’’
A painter who works for the agency and who requested anonymity said that the prime minister had said the salary increment was made to help government employees withstand the challenges inflation had caused in recent years. The painter recalled that the primer had also announced all civil servants were warranted for the increment.
Officials of the Civil Service Ministry declined to comment on the issue saying that the ministry is currently looking into it.
In a related news, the Ministry of Urban Development, Housing and Construction (MoUDHC) decided the 192 laid off employees of the Agency for Government Houses should organize themselves in a safety net scheme.
The workers who had been serving in the agency for more than 15 years were pushed out of their jobs due to a Business Process Re-engineering evaluation which took place before three years.Kassahun Goffe, Development Communication Head with the ministry said the workers will be offered jobs where they can start their own business. “They were laid off because the agency is overcrowded with workers ,” Kassahun said.
A committee member representing the workers rejected MoUDHC’s offer and said they need to get back to work.
“What they have been doing is totally wrong. We know that less efficient and old aged workers still remained in their posts, and the agency had many vacant places we can be assigned on.”
The representative added that the agency did not give them a prior notice to their layoff despite their service for more than 15 years.