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Name: Aynalem Ayele
Education: Diploma
First Career: Designer
Company Name: Ayni’s Design
Studio Title: Owner/Designer
Founded: 2008
Business Type: Designing clothes, jewelry and leather products
HQ: Around Imperial, near Checheho Hotel
Number of Employees: 15

Startup capital:    15,000 Birr
Current capital:  Growing

Reason for Starting Business: I love designing
Biggest Reward of Ownership:     Doing what I love and what I’m good at
Biggest Personal Strength: I’m very productive
Biggest Personal Weakness: I don’t like the technical paperwork and it holds me back
Biggest Worry: The bureaucracy in the business world is affecting the quality of my work
Favorite Professional Task: I love everything about my work
Most Challenging Professional Task: None
Future Aspiration for Business: To train handicapped and unemployed people to get them in the work force
Most Interested in Meeting: Nelson Mandela
Most Admired Person: Abebech Gobena
Stress Reducer: Reading
Favorite Pastime: Being with my kids
Favorite Book: “Yeteqolefe’bet qulfe” Dr. Meheret Debebe
Favorite Getaway Destination:  Hawassa
Favorite Automobile: Infinity
Favorite Film: Ben Hur