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Leader of the visiting Canadian business delegation Senator Don Meredit said Ethiopia is a favorable country for business and investment.
After conferring with Ethiopian State Minister for Foreign Affairs Dawano Kedir, the senator said members of the delegation understand that there are favorable conditions in Ethiopia to do business.
“There are a lot of business opportunities in this country to create job opportunities and enabling Ethiopia opening jobs to the youth, and there is a very robust economic growth in Ethiopia which is fast growing in Africa,” the senator said.
The 18 member business delegation is in Ethiopia to assess business and investment opportunities. The delegation will meet with Ethiopian businesspersons.
Dawano Kedir on his part urged Canadian companies to invest in Ethiopia saying “you will be profitable by engaging in Ethiopia.”
It is Ethiopia’s desire that they could engage in the manufacturing industry, among the priority areas of the government.
“We have very good policy framework, very determined government for that and very clear direction we are really moving forward,” Dewano said.
He mentioned that expansion of infrastructure facilities that are being carried out to connect Ethiopia with neighboring countries adds up to attractiveness of the country to do business, as access to road, sea and air transport is becoming more easy.
Labor is also another thing luring companies, since 60 percent of the population of Ethiopia is believed to be at working age.