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Terrorism is hideous, it really is. I live in a country that has not been affected by terrorism in a significant way, but I still find myself scared of the thought “what if it ever came here?”
The world is certainly not short of terrorist groups, but what distinguishes one from the others is its notoriety and currently ISIS has taken the spotlight. This group seems even more insane than the other devilish breeds that have been terrorizing different nations.ISIS became infamous after it has taken over a large mass of area, particularly an area blessed with a huge amount of oil. Even though there has been a fall in global oil prices, oil money is still very big. And ISIS makes a lot of money that enables it to buy all sorts of ‘play toys’ and market itself well in a way it becomes appealing to the weak-minded. 
When I say weak-minded, I do not mean that those that sympathize and ultimately choose to fight with ISIS are stupid. To the contrary, most are smart people that are capable of intelligent thoughts, but also are susceptible to maneuvering in their quest to sagacity hence falling easily in the trap of orchestrated trickery. Unfortunately, the world is filled with such people, contributing to the terrorism cult which continues to claim many lives in the most gruesome ways imaginable. But what is the whole concept behind terrorism anyway? It seems like I could not see a concrete concept at all.
Sometimes it seems like terrorism exists due to the unfairness of a situation and that situation entails an extreme measure just to make a point, kind of life war really. But in the case of ISIS, it is not about that at all. For me it seems like it is just another power play, your horse is bigger than mine or your God is bigger than mine. The whole thing seem to be child play where consequences are not thought of and anything goes.
This is precisely why groups like ISIS are really dangerous, because it was never about religion or the implementation of true religious laws, if that was the case, their decisions would have had limits. But, it is clear that there are no laws, man created or God created, that this group abides by, which makes them as dangerous as a drunk and hyped up on drugs teenager driving while blindfolded in a children’s play ground. In this case, the world is their playground.
This is a common problem that we all need to start working towards tackling. By the looks of it, ISIS doesn’t seem like it would disappear without a fight. And unless we all, the somewhat sane ones that is, start taking measures against this ridiculousness, it will be one of those events in history that we look back on and say we should have done more.
So what is this ‘doing more’ thing I’m talking about? To be honest, I don’t know how to defeat a world class terrorist group; I would have to reserve from making suggestions on how to go about eradicating extremist groups, that is a job for the leaders of nations.
Religion has taken the heat for many instances of violence in history. Although it is true that religion has been used as a tool to make bad things acceptable and hurt others, at the core of it, I have doubts that it really promotes those things. I would like to maintain the belief that all religion (at least major ones I know little about) is based on goodness; it is there to give structure to bring harmony; not to bring destruction.