In a world where almost all deliberations & activities emanating from establishment institutions (save a few) are outright lies & fabrications, (systemically imposed by the global dominant interests to further their narrow objectives) how is one to keep one’s sanity? From institutions of higher learning to that of lower ones, from market operator to that  of the state, all seem to be engaged in making sure the beast/sheeple (sheep + people) remains ignorant about the real/general workings of the prevailing world order. The sheeple is thoroughly brainwashed/ indoctrinated into believing a possible dreamlike world, which even if achieved, leaves the craver hollow & unfulfilled. Excessive commodification ultimately leads only to alienation & unsatisfying existence!
Currently, dominant interests are encouraging the old ideology of fascism to come on its own. In Eastern Europe the situation has become quite frightening (Ukraine, Baltics, et al). Fascistic momentum is also picking up steam in the West. The project’s main objective, (at least at this time) is to destabilize Russia, the undisputed stalwart against fascism. The Soviet Union lost tens of millions (martyrs) fighting fascism in Europe! Only seventy years after WWII, dominant interests are now fanning the fascist ideology to deter the gradually but determinedly reconstituting Russia. Unlike empires of old that canvassed the world (including the reigning one), Russia has always been an empire onto itself and at the most the near neighbor. Undermining that will be very costly to all of us. The disastrous adventures of Napoleon & Hitler against Russia should be recalled! Triumphalist entrenched interests are trying hard to change the very narrative of WWII by portraying Russia as the villain and the fascists as heroes! This outright denial of history, probably to coax extreme right wing Ukrainians into fighting against the Russian population/Russia might not be a workable strategy, but that seems to be precisely what dominant interests want. No wonder Escobar called it ‘empire of chaos’.
Whatever the immediate intent of the global masters, the gullible sheeple will continue to oblige, at least initially until common sense prevails or the whole thing blows up. If war is the fad today, it will be done pronto! The only thing required is to work on the sheeple. Only a year after the Ukrainian troubles, there is a significant number of indoctrinated sheeple in the West ready to unleash blind hatred and confrontationally engage with all things Russian. Pathetic! When a number of the smaller states in East Europe blindly supported the war of aggression on Iraq (2003), the then foreign minister of France categorically labeled them ‘vassal states’! Are we to assume these states are still vassals? If that is the case, then their blabbering will not make an iota of a difference in the scheme of NATO’s war mongering! We admit, so long as the sheeple has its bread and circus, it will be difficult for it to resist the master’s marching orders. We only hope the beast’s redeeming value will come to the fore before things become very ugly. We reiterate; after all has been said and done, ultimate conscience only resides within the beast/sheeple!
In the world dominated by the West, almost all dissent outside of its logic are now incriminated and sanity is no more a favored status of an average human being. Thinking outside the logic of the establishment is classified, literally, as an extreme behavior, hence a ‘terrorist’ activity! One would think after all the revelations of Mr. Snowden, the world would rethink establishment propaganda and surveillance. But nothing doing! The modern world system has been successful in transforming a significant portion of humanity into mere zombies! The values of organic humanity are now completely caricatured, thanks to the masters and their expert manipulators. 
Africans must seriously take the ascending fascism (on a world scale) as a thoroughly planned stepping stones towards more aggressive/vicious moves that are intentionally intended to undermine our very ontology. At the end of the day that is what fascism is all about and to be honest, there is nothing new here, at least to those with some sense of history (slavery, colonialism, apartheid, etc.) Unlike what many of our idiotic elites think, it is our very survival that is at stake now. Ethiopia more than any other country in Africa should be at the forefront in the fight against fascism (whatever the pretext), as we have been victims of its savage onslaught. Apologetic experts should not be listened to, irrespective of their establishment credentials. In fact, it is these same characters we should actually be guarding against, after all, it is not for no reason Ethiopian patriots coined the word ‘banda’ for such lackeys. This is another example of the genius of the system; even its own victims tend to celebrate their own dehumanization. Don’t be fooled, our paid thinkers, just like our paid media (both state & private) will not save the day, because their masters want the global sheeple to remain only a bit above that of its shear-able cousin!
Here is an advice from an old dissident, at a time when thinking & dissension were almost synonymous: “The right of Revolution is an inherent one. When people are oppressed by their government, it is a natural right they enjoy to relieve themselves of the oppression if they are strong enough, either by withdrawing from it, or by overthrowing it and substituting a government more acceptable.” President Ulysses S. Grant (USA, 1885). Good Day!