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Ministry of Health (MoH) ruled out the possibility of occurrence of Ebola at the 12th African Junior Athletics Championships Addis Ababa is staging.
A joint committee established with the Federal Sports Commission has been making preparations to prevent Ebola infection from happening for the past one month, it was learned.
Advisor to the Minister of Health, Dr. Merawi Aragaw, said that the ministry had sent letters to participating countries requiring for their athletes to stay secluded for three weeks prior to their flights to Ethiopia and to take diagnosis upon their arrival.
A closer follow up is carried particularly on athletes from those countries exposed to Ebola, the advisor said, adding that the ministry is also working with Ethiopian health personnel deployed to West Africa to fight Ebola.
In Sierra Leone, for instance, Ethiopian health professionals have been checking the body temperatures of participating athletes twice in a day for about three weeks, according to Dr. Merawi.
There should not be fear as similar examinations are being carried out on all the participants in the championships, he reassured.
Quarantines are prepared at Bole International Airport in case an athlete is suspected of having an infection. Thermo-cameras installed at the gates of Addis Ababa Stadium will make the work more effective and reliable, Dr. Merawi further stated.
Sufficient training has already been provided for hotel owners, coaches, volunteers and other stakeholders, it was pointed out.
The Federal Sports Commission had said the highly Ebola-stricken Guinea and Liberia are not taking part in the competition.
Deputy Commissioner Anbessaw Enyew said that five committees are established to provide health examination for participating athletes and delegation members.
Over 500 members of delegations from 39 African countries are expected to take part in the championship.