Norway pledges to continue supporting Ethiopia


The Government of Norway will continue supporting Ethiopia’s green economic development and the country’s effort to stabilize neighboring countries.
This was disclosed while Norway’s parliament Foreign Affairs and Defense Standing Committee Chairperson Anniken Huitfeldt held talks with Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom.
Chairperson Anniken Huitfeldt said Ethiopia has good relationship with Norway.
With its big role in the Eastern Africa sub-continent, Ethiopia is a strategic partner for Norway, she added.
Huitfeldt further said Norway would continue supporting the realization of the green economic development it has been undertaking.
The effort Ethiopia has been exerting to diffuse tensions in South Sudan and Somalia and stabilize the countries is appreciable, according to the words of members of the parliamentary delegation.
Norway would further continue its support in this regard, they had stated.
Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom said Ethiopia is working hard to build a green economy that would not succumb to climate change. And this effort is being supported by Norway.
To generate pollution free energy, the country is expanding its natural gas and wind power generation potential, including the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, he elaborated.
The minister, who said that Norway is developing clean energy though it has oil resources, added that Ethiopia has been learning from Norway.