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Laying the rails for the first lot of Sebeta-Adama-Dire Dawa- Dewale railway project will be completed by the coming May 2015, Capital learnt.
The first section of the railroad project starting in Sebeta running to Adama and ending in Me’eso is one of the railway projects that should be accomplished before the expiration of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP). The section of the work is undertaken by China Railway Group Ltd (CREC).  However, it was discovered that the project would be delayed by few months due to a late commencement.
CREC had disclosed that it had finished sinking 200km of the rail out of the total 330km long railway line, which includes the double track line from Sebeta to Adama. Another Chinese company, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), took the contract for the remaining 339km railway section running from Me’eso to Dewale.
According to CREC, who is also building the Addis Ababa Light Railway project, placing the rails will be entirely completed after two and half months. The section of the railway between Sebeta and Adama is a double track line stretching 114.73 km, while the Adama-Me’eso section is a single-track section with a length of 215.23 km. The company has been laying down 3.7km of rails per day since the beginning of the work on December 1st, 2014. The USD 1.841 billion project was scheduled to be carried out within a period of 42 months. Stretching on the central plateau of Ethiopia, the Sebeta-Adama-Me’eso railway project is controlled with a semiautomatic system with a designated speed of 120km/hour.
Many local people work on the project and now close to 10,000 employees including administrative and service personnel as well as technical staff earn a living from the construction work, which will have paramount importance on the country’s economy in the years to come.
So far, CREC has collaborated with more than ten local sub-contractors whom the Chinese company had shared its experience on project management and implementation.
CREC has interest to be part of other railway projects the Ethiopian Railway Corporation plans to carry out.
The 339 km Me’eso-Dewale project that is being constructed by the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) is progressing well. This company is also working on the railway line that lies inside Djibouti. 
Yapi Merkezi Construction Industry Inc., a Turkish construction giant, has won the 400 km railway project that connects  Awash to the Northern parts of the country.  This railway network ties the Northern towns of Weldya and Mekele with the Eastern town of Semera and then connects them with Tadjourah port in Djiboutig