Companies ready to produce fortified flour


Astco Food-complex PLC announced the start of fortified wheat flour production through the technical and financial assistance from USAID.

The launching event on March 17, underlined the need for fortified foods to help curb malnutrition. 
The flour is said to be enriched with vitamin B minerals and other nutrients which are necessary for children to grow properly.
Twenty local companies are also preparing to produce fortified wheat flour in the coming six months.
According to Mebrhatu Meles (Phd), State Minister of Industry, the production of the fortified wheat flour is welcomed and encouraged by the government. “Micronutrients deficiency is a serious public health problem in developing countries and we are happy to have such type of wheat flour product and government will do its best to help boost the production,’’ he said during the launching event.
Peter Vrooman, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy also stated that the US will be providing technical support to local companies which will be engaged in the production of fortified flour as it has been proven to help curb different problems such as stunting in children.