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Elias Genete was reelected for the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (AACCSA) presidency for an additional one year term.

The ninth general assembly was recalled for Thursday March 19 at Addis Ababa exhibition center to nominate its leaders. A court ruling had annulled the election of president and board members in 2014 following a carcass between the chamber and one of the chamber’s members.
The election of president, vice president and nine board members was a breath taking activity on the day.
Both the president and vice presidents form the annulled election held on December 2013 were re-elected. Tadesse Meshesha, who was elected Vice President, does not even have a competitor.
This board will serve only for one year following a general assembly agreement to have the next election in a year’s time.
Abay Bank president Mesenbet Shenkute has received majority votes for the board membership. She is the only female member of the board.
Since the court canceled the previous general assembly results, a caretaker board composed of the Ministry of Trade, Addis Ababa City Administration Trade Bureau, and the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations had taken over the leadership. The caretaker that was chaired by Ali Siraj, State Minister of Trade, has led the general assembly on Thursday. The caretakers presented   the 2012/13 annual report that recounts accomplishments of the previous board that was led by Ayalew Zegeye.
Ali advised the chamber members to keep their association with stability. He said that associations are part of the democratic implementer body and they should stand for members benefit.
A week ago the caretaker board had called a general assembly, but it was postponed for this week due to lack of quorum. Even though there is a controversy over the quorum number, the current management of the chamber says it is 500 members plus one from the total of over 14,000 members.
The general assembly as well as the election that was expected to end before noon had run into the evening.  Experiences of previous elections had shown that election processes of the national and the city chambers are always extended by several hours due to lack of coordination on the voting and counting process.
The city chamber had called a general assembly in December 2013 and had elected its board members and president. However, the assembly was revoked and the election results were rejected following charges that were brought against the chamber by United Insurance Share Company (UNIC), member of the chamber whose representative was banned from the assembly by the organizers.