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Djibouti’s government supported Sufian Ahmed, Minister of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED), who is vying to be the next president of the African Development Bank (AfDB) along with other eight candidates.
The neighboring country, which has strong economic relations with Ethiopia, is the first country that gave its official support for the Ethiopian candidate to lead the continent’s biggest financial organization.
The Djiboutian Minister of Economy and Finance in charge of Industry and planning, Ilyas Moussa Dawaleh, said that Sufian is one of the major engineers for the economic boost of Ethiopia.  
In a communiqué Capital obtained Friday, Dawaleh said that the African Development Bank has done a tremendous job in supporting African countries. “The technical and financial assistance that AfDB contributed to our socio-economic infrastructures and policies and its role was crucial to the ‘Africa Rising’ dream. I commend here the hard work of the outgoing President of AfDB, Donald Kaberuka and his dedication to Africa and Africans,” he stated.
Dawaleh, who is also one of the front leaders for Djibouti’s remarkable economic growth, said, now that the AfDB is renewing its leadership, the success built so far by the institution must be heightened.
“Therefore, it needs someone who can build on its success. Sufian Ahmed is the right man to lead our continental institution for the coming period,” Dawaleh said.
The Djibouti Economic Minister added that Ethiopia’s economic achievement is commendable. “As Minister of Finance and Economic Development of his country, Sufian was at the forefront of the Ethiopian renaissance. Thanks to the sound policies and reforms he led, Ethiopia achieved double-digit growth for more than a decade, which put the country on the continent’s top list of non-oil producing economies,” said Dawaleh, giving Sufian his support with appreciation.
“I strongly believe that the AfDB, under the leadership of Sufian will achieve even greater success, and our continent will grow even stronger,” Dawaleh explained his bright insight about Sufian.
AfDB disclosed on February 20th the name of the eight candidates who are vying to become successor of Dr. Donald Kaberuka, the current president of the bank. Dr. Kaberuka severed the bank for two terms of five years.
The Board of Governors is expected to elect Dr. Kaberuka’s successor on 28 May this year, during the Bank’s annual meeting scheduled to take place in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.
Sufian, 57, has been serving as Minister of Finance and Economic development for over 15 years and has played a leading role in convincing and securing finances from international financers including AfDB for various development projects for the country.