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B & C Aluminum Plc., a local company that produces extruded aluminum, is exploring aluminum deposits to develop in joint venture with foreign companies.

B & C Aluminum Plc. turned its face to aluminum mining after two years of manufacturing experience of extrusion aluminum. The company is the sole manufacturer of such type of aluminum in Ethiopia. Biruk Haile, owner of the company, said that his company was granted permits from the Ministry of Mines (MoM) to explore aluminum resource locations. “We are in the course of preparation to begin detail surveys on the potential locations on which we got directions from the ministry,” Biruk said.
Biruk further said that his company has  already entered into discussions with international miners to develop potential aluminum ores. He said that the company will appear with concrete moves to transform its plantowards  the end of the next budget year.
The company currently uses scrap aluminum that is collected locally as input for its extrusion product.
“Our main source for the scrap product is the Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service, a government office, and we also use scrapes that are collected by small scale enterprises,” Biruk said.
Since its establishment, B & C Aluminum,  it managed to substitute imported aluminum.
Recently, officials of the Ministry of Mines had visited the company,s manufacturing plant, according to Biruk. In addition to manufacturing aluminum products, the  company also participates in aluminum installation works in construction projects. Currently, B & C Aluminum  is undertaking aluminum installation works on the houses Addis Ababa Housing Project is constructing, according to Biruk. The company has installed aluminum fittings to 19 blocks of the 40/60 condominium project on the building located at SengaTera and Crown (Kality) sites at the cost of 95 million birr.
“We are supplying our products on competitive price as  almost all of ourproducts  are made of local resources. That is why we manage several huge projects in the country,” Biruk explained.
According to him, the company has also a plan to involve in house/office furniture and kitchen equipment production in the near future.
B & C is one of the leading manufacturers, producers and suppliers of a wide range of high quality extruded aluminum products and parts to the fast growing construction industry for the past twelve years. Currently, there are several aluminum suppliers and contractors operating in the country and  most of them use  imported materials.
Even though there are indications that show the country has aluminum resource in some areas, there is no extraction work being done.  Some companies have recently started expressing their interest to invest in the sector and most of them are in early stages to go into explorations.