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The Office of the Prime Minister submitted a supplementary budget proposal of eight billion birr to the House of Peoples’ Representatives to fill the gap that needs to fulfill the salary adjustment of civil servants.
The government after introducing salary adjustment for civil servants in the beginning of the current fiscal year,first projected that the deficit will be six billion birr.
The document submitted for parliament, however,indicated that based on the information obtained from regional and federal offices, the actual amount that shall cover the salary adjustment for the fiscal year should be 14 billion birr, which is over double of the first projection. Due to that an additional eight billion birr supplementary budget needs to fill the gap as surplus budget.
The document indicated that the gap will be filled from non-tax sources and will be secured from different governmental coffers.
Oil Stabilization Fund will be the major source of income for the budget adjustment, the document indicated. The Fund will provide six billion birr. The supplementary budget document indicated that the 900 million birr will be from government investment revenue that will be secured from National Bank of Ethiopia.
The balance 485 million and 615 million birr will be secured from the privatization of public enterprises and different income sources respectively.
In the beginning of the current fiscal year the government implemented a salary adjustment starting from 33 percent to 46 percent for its employees.
This kind of supplementary budget after salary adjustment is not new. About four years ago parliament also approved additional budget to fill the deficit related with salary adjustment and capital budget for some federal institutions.
For the current budget year the parliament approved 178.5 billion birr for the current fiscal year that will end on July 7, 2015.
Supplementary budget proposal for the parliament at the mid of every year has been usual in the past years, while Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA), which isthe leading federal budget consumer, also took the lions share for the supplementary budget too.
But for the last two years the government did not approve any supplementary for any institutions, while in the 2013/14 fiscal year ERA secured some amount in the end of the fiscal year.
Sources at ERA told Capital that in the current budget year ERA does not have a plan to submit its proposal for additional budget.