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The construction of 2.43 billion birr  worth manufacturing industry projects at the emerging industry hub of Debre Birhan will swing into action in the nearest future. On Friday April 24, federal and regional officials attended the corner stone placing ceremony of seven different manufacturing industries at the projects’ site of Debre Birhan town, about 130kms north east of Addis Ababa in Amhara regional state. 
This consortium of industries includes paper, plastic, metal, leather goods, pharmaceutical and bottle manufactures, and an automotive assembly plant. The industries will be built by local and foreign investors. The Turkish leather goods manufacturer, My Shoes and Leather Manufacturing, will be the biggest company in terms of investment capital. The company will invest 1.2 billion birr to realize its dream, according to Getaneh Zike, Mayor of Debre Birhan.
The other big company, Juniper Glass Industries Plc., has good prospects ahead of it to become the biggest bottle manufacturer  as the local  market depends on imported products  currently. Yared Mulugeta, Special Projects Manager of Juniper Glass, told Capital that the company will commence production by mid 2016.
The company that is established by Kenya registered Roha Venture will invest about USD 50 million on the bottle manufacturing plant.
Brooks Washington, General Manager of the company, said that Juniper Glass will produce 150 million bottles annually for local and international markets.
According to the company’ document, Juniper is also investing over 10 million birr to develop the local capacity of suppliers of silica sand. The company’s project plan indicated that 90 percent of raw materials will be sourced from Ethiopia, with 80 percent of the supply absorption reserved   for entrepreneurs from  zones of the Amhara region. “We have already identified the resource area for silicon and signed a memorandum of understanding with a local company to supply the sand,” Yared said.
Yared said that the company received 12 hectares of land from the city administration within a single day about a year ago. “For the past one year, we have been engaged in soil test, and the earth work will commence in the coming few weeks,” he added.
He said that Roha Venture is on the way to engage in other investments in the country.
Debre Birhan is a preferred destination for local and international investors who are attracted by its  proximity to the capital city. It is also located on a suitable area with easy access to international markets via the Port of Djibouti and Port of Tadjoura, which is under construction.
Officials of the city administration said that the number of investors is increasing significantly in the past few years. . For instance, Habesha and Dashen breweries have already established their brewers at the town.
The projects of Tegene Mulu Paper Manufacturing that worths 73.4 million birr, Rahma Nurye PVC Industry with an  investment of 42 million birr, Muluneh Gossaye Pharmaceutical  costing  69 million birr, Ptyas Metal manufacturing with 85 million birr, and TGT Enterprise Tractor Assembly with investment volume of 59 million birr, were  the projects whose birth was marked   at Friday’s corner stone lying ceremony.
Ahmed Abetew, Minister of Industry, Kassa Teklebirhan, Speaker of the House of Federation, and Gedu Andargachew, President of Amhara region attended the ceremony.