Jorgo Diriba


Name: Jorgo Diriba
Education: B.A in Public Health
Company name: Agga Counselling and Training Center 
Studio title: Manager and Owner
Founded: 2014
What it does: Counselling 
HQ: Bole, around Showa Bakery
Number of employees: Seven

Startup capital: 5,000  Birr
Current capital: 200,000  Birr
Reason for starting business: To give modern  and effective counselling service
Biggest perk of ownership: Freedom of idea and managing myself
Biggest strength: I am  persistent
Biggest weakness: Marketing
Biggest worry: Minimal belief   of the society on the benefit of counselling 
Favorite task: Counselling
Most challenging task: None
Plan: To enhance the quality of parenting and childcare through counselling, couching and training on the well-being of families
First career: Health extension coordinator 
Most interested in meeting: No one 
Most admired person: Dr. Eleni Gebremedhin
Stress reducer: Going to church
Favorite pastime: Working 
Favorite book: Fascinating womanhood
Favorite destination: Hawassa
Favorite automobile: Toyota corolla