PBS III achievements hailed


A mid-year evaluation meeting of the Promoting Basic Service III (PBS III) program has registered encouraging achievements, according to the appraisal committee consisting of main funders of the program and development partners. 
The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) along with development partners announced that the PBS III six month performance of the 2014/15 fiscal year registered a good achievement in the fight against poverty reduction.
Ahmed Shide, State Minister of MoFED, told journalists that the past six months of the program were successful when the achievements are measured with the targets. “We will sustain this achievement in the next GTP II (Growth and Transformation Plan II), which will be launched in the next budget year for the next five years,” Ahmed said.
PBS III will phase out at the end of the current Ethiopian budget year that ends on July 7, 2015. 
The objective of the program is to contribute to reducing poverty and improving the standard of living of Ethiopians by expanding access and improving the quality of the decentralized delivery of services in education, health, agriculture, water supply and sanitation, and rural roads construction while continuing to deepen local accountability and transparency in basic service delivery.
The critical link between the two control mechanisms of local accountability and transparency of the PBS III ensures more robust public financial management systems and structures that would enhance delivery of quality basic services.
“Over the last six months, we also noticed that a number of important achievements have been made. In order to scale up and sustain social accountability measures, the government has taken some significant steps to engage citizens in their own development,” representative of the World Bank Director for Ethiopia said.
The program that was initially lunched in 2006/07 fiscal year as PBS I is mainly financed by different international partners and donors, while the Ethiopian government also contributes for the program that attempts to achieve the underlining core elements of the Millennium Development Goals