A new era of slavery


Thomas Jefferson is a man who really needs no introduction. He was the 3rd U.S President and was recognized as a bright writer who was appointed to draft the Declaration of Independence.
Despite writing “All men are created equal” Jefferson did own many slaves making what he wrote hypocritical. 
These days, you open the news and all you hear is subjugated people crying for freedom and liberty and about hundreds of people that have been trafficked and abused. All this bad news makes you want to change the channel to our own Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) thinking you will get transformation and development news. But unfortunately, even EBC has been consumed of stories of misery of those that travel to other countries for a better life.
I know human trafficking and the chain of illegal institution involved in it has not been on top of our national agenda but now this hidden problem has become impossible to ignore.
We have lost so many of our brothers and sisters in the recent tragic incident in Libya perpetuated by ISIS and it was on the news almost every day making us think there is no such a thing as good news anymore.
Fortunately on TV, the government assures the people that it is doing everything it can to protect the migrants and all will be good. But some say that the government should have done a lot more to prevent tragedies. 
But hey, we cannot blame the government for all the problems we face. The government is made up of people just like us, and it can only do what it can, it has limits, you know?
It seems to me we all need to familiar ourselves with the term “responsible citizen” and try to live by that concept. I know that there are many individuals that consent to being smuggled in order to escape severe poverty and conflict, and in some cases, that is understandable.
On the other hand, there are also those that consent to being smuggled by paying, because they think the grass is greener on the other side. That is of course mostly just fantasy.
Wouldn’t it make sense to invest the money in something worthwhile within our own country instead of putting it towards something that majority of the time doesn’t work in our favor?
The world is filled with a lot of bad, selfish people and they cause despair for many. Look at human smugglers for example, they have no sense of humanity; they sell people for money, it can’t get more inhuman than that.
It is so sad that at this time in history, we are still witnessing people being sold like commodities. The trafficking industry, yes it is an industry, the second largest industry next to arms deal, is a very dark one. One that really puts a whole new meaning to greed.
Women men and children  are all locked in a cell with nothing to put in their hungry stomach, without having anything to eat for days and just hoping the next day would bring a better circumstance, but most of the time that would not be the case.
These vulnerable people have no say in anything, if they voice a disagreement they maybe tortured, raped and killed; once in that situation, their lives is not theirs no more.  
I know that it is very difficult to talk about these atrocities but it needs to be discussed, solutions need to be proposed. Awareness work needs to be done with in all communities and we need to try and understand the problems that young people face in order to make them make a life and death gamble.
Going abroad, to the West especially, will remain to be the trend for years to come. Young people will still believe that going abroad is the only way for them to make money and get the life they have dreamt of. They do not understand the real dangers present.
Reality is not a Hollywood production; it’s very far from it. In my opinion, there is no reason why we cannot work hard within our own country and become successful. We should remove the perception that everything is easer outside. We need to learn from other people’s experiences teach ourselves and others.
In the beginning I was talking about how the news has changed; everything tragedy. The incidents I have mentioned earlier have triggered many questions in my head.
It is my wish to see this problem given more attention nationally as well as across the world. It is also my wish that we all start to realize that in most cases there are always better choices. Do not misunderstand me, they might not be easy choices, but there are better ones. The trick is to see those choices amidst challenges.