Election fever


It is election season in Ethiopia with voters scheduled to go to the polls next week on May 24, 2015 for the fifth national election since the current government took power. According to figures, a total of 6,000 parliamentary candidates have been fielded by 58 political parties across the country.
Redwan Hussein, Government Communication Affairs Office head with a Minister portfolio, said that the coming election will be free and peaceful. He also said that there would be no room for protest or demonstration in relation with the election result. He added that the pre-election phase was successful and is a good foundation for the final phase of the election.
during the press conference that was held on Thursday May 14 he said that this Sunday, a week before the election, the public will be participating in a one day awareness creation programme which is organized by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia. He said “due to this the ruling party or other political parties will not have any election campaign on that day”. Over 36million Ethiopians have registered to cast their votes and the result of the election is set to be announced on June 22, 2015.