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On the brink of elimination from the premier league, former twice champions Electric FC throws  down  head coach Atnafu Alemu to its junior team’s Assistant Coach position while promoting two of the youth team coaches as caretakers. The club’s manager Alemu Hegiso told reporters that the outgoing Atnafu is accountable for the defeats Electric suffered  thus the decision is very right.   Responsible for four defeats in a row, the axe was sure to go down on Atnafu’s neck any time. But somehow, he sailed through the disturbed water and stayed until things get out of hand and the club is really in danger of relegation. It is just months since Atnafu signed a two year contract worth 20,000 birr a month and 250,000 birr signing bonus. Many the club supporters are pointing fingers on the club manager as well as the team leader Alemu Hegiso for his poor management and one-man show. “He never played football and an  engineer by profession, Alemu wants technical reports every week,” remarked Atnafu. “We all are eating at home as the club could not provide proper food and we were playing with shoes borrowed from friends. Even we still don a jersey with a non-existing company logo on it. This is all because of  poor management and the one in the driving seat is the club manager,” a senior player remarked.
Football fans suggest the squad has more or less balanced players but Atnafu is hardly a coach to lead them. “It is a wonder Atnafu comes  out of the blue to replace the Bulgarian coach. He never had experience at the higher level,” one of the fans said.  Two fixtures away from the end of the season, it is a paradox that the 55-years-old Electric FC’s  fate is currently to be decided by the youth team coaches.