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The government announced that it is prepared to take necessary measures if wrong acts occur during today’s election. 
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn told parliament three days ahead of the election that his government believes the election will take place in a peaceful manner.
There are some illegal activities that were observed in relation with the election, he said.
MPs showered the prime minster with a spiral of question on Thursday May 21, focusing on the fifth round of national election that takes place today, Sunday May 24.
The prime minister said the election is the result of the growing democracy in the country despite opposition parties’ accusation that their members are attacked while campaigning in the last few days.
He said that the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia has increased its capacity to undertake free and fair elections.  
“The public interest in the democratic system is growing, but some opposition parties have interest to use other options instead of the peaceful process,” he said.
He criticized some opposition parties who proclaimed to win the election at certain station. “They agitate people to take measures if they don’t win the election.” He also affirmed that the government is well prepared to maintain peace.
“Some international observers who attended previous elections were unable to be part of the observers’ team this time due to financial constraints,” the PM said.
The European Union did not send its observers for this election while the African Union and local civic associations will field out representatives throughout the country to observe the election.
The prime minister advised the public to participate in the election on a peaceful manner.
During his less than an hour appearance before parliament, the prime minister shed light on some socio-economic issues and what the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II) holds for the next five years.
He said the government will introduce the development plan after the election.