Ruth Tefer


Name: Ruth Teferi
Education: MA in Educational Psychology
Company name: Corojo Leather Products Plc
Studio title: Manager and owner
Founded in: 2011
What it does: Produce women’s  purses  HQ: Around Sidist Kilo
Number of employees: Ten
Startup capital: 200,000 Birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: Interest  for leather
Biggest perk of ownership: Idea freedom
Biggest strength: I am persistent
Biggest weakness: Not good in publicity and marketing
Biggest worry: Lack of finance
Favorite task: Working always
Most challenging task: None
Plan: To open a big company
Most interested in meeting: None
Most admired person: Former Israeli PM Golda Meir
Stress reducer: Gardening   
Favorite pastime: I always work  
Favorite book: A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor
Favorite film: You Have Got Mail
Favorite destination: Hawassa
Favorite automobile: None