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The worlds of humans (world systems) have always been prone to dynamic changes, both from within and without. These desired/undesired changes, at times, bring about unintended consequences, reaffirming the inherent fallibility of all human designs. Up to now and unlike various other preoccupations, societal survival (at times curtailed to some) has remained the non-negotiable core of collective human existence. Recently however, may be due to the species ‘achievement’ or ‘over achievement’, particularly in manipulating the natural world, societies have been overly flirting with deadly artifacts and unstable systems that can easily undermine the very survival of the species, to say nothing about other life forms. Amongst such major concerns that relentlessly deliver anxious souls many a sleepless night, modern wars sit on the apex of it all!
Unlike before, almost all human societies currently find themselves in an environment of colossal complexities. Layer upon layer of sophistication has necessitated a highly regimented and inhumanly efficient social organization that has visibly become the Achilles heel of genuinely humane civilizational pursuits! In our complex world where the slightest disturbance can trigger systemic collapse, a new profound approach to problem solving becomes paramount. At the end of the day, in our essence, we are feeble and fallible creatures, certainly not omnipotent ones, (as it circuitously claimed and proclaimed by the power that be) hence cannot always be expected to do the right things at the right time. In other words, since we cannot know, a priori, what will work and what won’t or even what we actually want and don’t, it is imperative that we start interrogating basic assumptions we have been quietly sleeping with!  Be that as it may, we have now entered a realm of existence where our so-called achievements are causing immense harm to ourselves as well as outer-selves. Given such truism, organized societies (states), which are currently run by the few/for the few, keep on concocting unsustainable scenarios that are not in tune with the natural/inherent capabilities of our species. As we enter the final phase of the collapsing modern world system, enduring problematic issues such as the above need the attention of grown-ups inclined to sober analysis. The opportunistic politicos must be excluded from such serious endeavors!
The current preoccupation with the whole gamut of organized violence (observe all the feverish activities in times of relative peace), which is now considered a normal activity of ‘civilized society’, (instead of a sordid reminder of desired permanent wars) must be seriously reexamined! The sheeple, (sheep + people) ever on the run to secure its forage (from its dictatorial masters) has been sufficiently subdued from questioning such blatant anti-life activities. The sheeple reckons (it seems); its dependence or even hunger for temporal wage employment with its attendant useless consumption will save it from the impending destruction, not only via warfare. Such assumptions are particularly pernicious where the pretension of all-knowing/all-doing dogma is deeply embedded in the psyche of the populous, as in the advanced industrialized societies of the North. One genuinely wonders, if it is warfare or welfare many of the Northern states are fixated on?
When it comes to participatory political governance (direct democracy), which can potentially pacify or ameliorate the prevailing societal violence and the overwhelming belligerence of the powerful status quo, the situation remains depressingly awful. For instance, the election of a large number of politicians (from amongst the reigning plutocracy in the West) is predicated on the promise of bringing or expanding aspects of the killing industry (so-called defense industry) as well as maintaining the interests of the ultimate bosses–the global banks/banksters. The most technologically advanced weapons in the world are made in such controlled jurisdictions, where the sheeple is made to collaborate/corroborate with the privileges of dominant/entrenched interests, all under the pretext of securing crumbs! Articulation outside of such suffocating establishment narratives is considered stupid and economically suicidal by our beloved, but hardly thinking or even out rightly unthinking sheeple!
As the global system increasingly fails to deliver the promised goods to all and sundry, the earthly sheeple is bound to rise up and demand what cannot be delivered by the status quo (in the scheme of global economics), thereby ushering a creeping insurrection that might end up twinkling, amidst inevitable chaos, glimpse or potentialities of liberating tendencies that have been receding in recent years of globalized turbo neoliberalism! We the ‘wretched of the earth’ are better off analyzing unfolding global realities, where black has become white, good has become bad, etc. and vice versa. For example, obvious defensive postures of the cautious are now construed as war cries, while belligerent vassals without much responsibility on their shoulders, are touted as human angels. Just look at what is happening in Yemen, Ukraine, etc.!
Here is how the old revolutionary put it, albeit directly and eloquently: “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember, or overthrow it.” President Abraham Lincoln of the United States (Inaugural Address, 1861.) Good Day!