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“Ye-Mariam Feress Matter: Perception” is a painting exhibition by Endale Desalegn that opened at the Alliance Ethio-Francaise on May 18th. Now you can be part of a discussion with the artist regarding his latest work on Monday June 1st.
Endale is a painter that is based in Addis Ababa who graduated from Addis Ababa University School of Fine Art and Design in 2008. The artist is not new to presenting his work to the public. He has had solo exhibitions in Ethiopia, Portugal and now in South Africa and has also participated in various group shows.
The painter works with oil and acrylic on canvas and his work has been described as “rich and dark, built up with layers of paint into exceptionally tactile objects, which combine texts and symbols in a meditative practice.”
His work is said to be influenced by the rich culture of Ethiopia, in which a strong sense of mythology is layered with everyday experience.
Endale also explores the paradox of light and darkness, as it relates to life in Ethiopia. Endale draws directly from his own life experience, where electricity is a privilege and something which is often unattainable. By using electricity as a metaphor for light of a more symbolic kind, the artist comments on what it means to be African and what it feels like living in a country that is often unpredictable to the extent that one’s access to electricity is compromised.
However, according to him, even in the darkness something exists; “even when we cannot see, we know there is something there, something real and tactile,” he says.
Monday is a really good opportunity to listen what the artist has to say about his work, his inspiration and his life as a whole. Art collectors and enthusiasts have commented saying his work is full of emotion as he always puts a piece of himself in it.