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A request by the Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (FEACC) to establish an exclusive office for the capital city has got an approval by the prime minister.
The prime minister’s office accepted the commission’s request to set up a separate office that will tackle corruption and corrupt processes that turn up in institution that are based in Addis Ababa. 
FEACC has been chasing after  corruption cases and reports that occur in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa regions, which are both under the jurisdiction of the federal government. The commission does not have the mandate to investigate possible cases that are informed by regional governments. According to sources, the prime minister’s office sent a letter to the commission a week ago approving the establishment of an exclusive anti- corruption office just for Addis Ababa. Even though FEACC directly controls corruption that unfold in the capital, it has decided to establish an exclusive office that will fully focus on the city alone.
Ali Suleiman, Commissioner of FEACC, told Capital that the commission’s mandate and power is expanded following the amendment of the proclamation in April 2015 empowering the commission to control corruption in the private sector.
Ali said the formation of the new office will allow the commission to undertake its operation widely.
The commissioner said the government has approved additional budget for the formation of the new office and for staffing.
The commission that was established 14 years ago combats corruption that surges in government institutions, however, lack of capacity and adequate staff are the major challenges that abated its efforts. Lack of skilled human power had handicapped the commission in evidence collection.  Girma Werku, Director of Asset Disclosure and Registration Directorate with the commission, said opening of the new office will make the commission to be more accessible to the public.
Sources said that the Addis Ababa City Administration has been trying to establish an anti-corruption office under the city administration; however, it does not have legal rights to replicate an office of such type. 
Corruption allegations that involve land are the main charges FEACC has been focused on in the past years. The commission has taken measure on several officials who were guilty of embezzling state-owned land and the plots were confiscates and they were returned to the city administration’s land bank. “We will work jointly with the city administration until the new office takes root,”  Ali said at  a discussion with the anti- corruption wing of the city administration that was held on Wednesday May 27. 
He told Capital that corruption in the capital city has become one of the challenges and land is the major resource that is embezzled. 
“The office is formed to give special attention to the city,” he said.
The anti-corruption commission has branch office in Dire Dawa, 500km east of Addis.