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Addis Ababa could be relieved from the solid waste that engulfs it when the new landfill located in Sendafa, Oromia Regional State, starts operation in the coming September. The modern sanitary system is expected to significantly reduce the city’s solid waste problem.
“There will be a number of waste collection and waste separation stations in the city. We are helping the Addis Ababa City Administration with the proper waste collection and separation system. The waste that can be recycled will be reused and the organic waste will be dumped in Sendafa,” said Araya Asfaw (PhD), Executive Director of Horn of Africa Regional Environmental Center and Network (HoARE&N).
With proper management of the waste, the modern landfill can generate gas that can be turned into electricity, which could be fed into the national grid.
“The more organic waste you have, the more electricity you generate. The city can also generate carbon credit from the methane produced from the dump. The money that is generated from the carbon credit or from selling electricity could be used to improve the waste management system further,” said Araya.
The amount of electricity that can be generated from the solid waste depends on the amount of collected and well separated waste.
“HoARE&N isn’t involved in generating power from the garbage. It is a different project that is carried out by a UK-based company. They produce electricity by incinerating solid waste. That specific project will be producing around 50 mw electricity,” Araya said.
In 2008, a decision was taken to close down the Repi Dumpsite also known as Koshe by locals as the booming urbanization envelopes the site and pollution becomes a major problem to dwellers. The garbage disposal area is almost fully closed currently and once the new landfill at Sendafa becomes operational, the ground work to turn the Repi Dumpsite into a public park will commence.