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Name: Adiam Kahsay Asfaha
Education: BA in French Literature and International Studies and  MBA candidate in Finance
Company name: Quaestus Trading Plc
Studio title: Co-founder and General Manager Founded: 2015
What it does: Exporting and distributing artisanal, luxury and special consumer goods from Ethiopia.
HQ: Meskerem Mazoria, Debre Zeit Road
Number of employees: Five
Startup capital: 400,000  Birr
Current capital: Growing
Reason for starting business: The belief that Ethiopian craftsmen have a strategic advantage in the production of artisanal goods in the international market.
Biggest perk of ownership: Working towards realizing my own ideas
Biggest strength: Teamwork
Biggest weakness: Challenging to convince large companies to trust us with developing their brand.
Biggest worry: Lack of reliable market data
Favorite task: Communicating with business partners
Most challenging task: Coordinating between businesses to align everyone’s interests
Plan: Establishing Ethiopia as the preferred source for quality consumer goods internationally
First career: Military officer
Most interested in meeting: Fidel Castro
Most admired person: Ras Alula Engida
Stress reducer: Spending time with friends and family
Favorite pastime: Doing research and camping
Favorite book: Madness and Civilization by Michel Foucault
Favorite film: Heartbreak Ridge
Favorite destination: Salzburg, Austria
Favorite automobile: Ford F-150 Raptor