Change takes place all over, all the time. Even the mighty universe is in a continuous state of flux; at least this seems to be the only way we can conceive it. Given such a universally wholesome spectrum of existence, one is tempted to wax philosophical a la Hegelian dialectics about changes’ invincible inevitability! But bringing it down to the narrow confines of human society (and we might add, its pitifully myopic vision, mostly based on unexamined assumptions about modernity interfacing nature), change/changes might well be guided to help secure life’s chance of earthly survival, (including that of the dominant species) within the minute opening availed us in the prevailing space-time. It is from this perspective we examine the various changes humanity has wrought onto itself and what to do about them, before we pass the point of no return in the unknown existential dynamics that is furiously unfolding!
Take the issue of global temperature change or what is broadly called climate change. 2014 is now officially recognized as the hottest year on record, just like those recent years preceding it. The continuous rise in global temperature is mostly attributed to the unsustainable use of fossil fuel, which has been in full burning mode since the 1800s. Indeed, consequences are becoming very grave. Thousands of species have become extinct. The oceans are acidifying faster than their natural rate. The ice cover on the northern segments of the livable continents is threatening to disappear, thereby releasing massive amount of green house gases that will assure hell on earth. If this comes to pass, the most complex, (hence quite weak), creature will not be able to survive the fallout! Already the rise in temperature has started to directly claim human lives in places like Pakistan, India, etc. Temperatures there rose to the high 40s this month!
One doesn’t need sophisticated measuring devices to recognize that things are really changing for the worst, of course always looking at it from the perspective of complex (so-called higher) life forms. For instance, changes in the patterns of growing seasons are becoming obvious in many parts of the world. Not long ago, the rainy seasons in Ethiopia were somewhat predictable, broadly speaking. Granted, there were and will always be sporadic rain failures that can cause widespread droughts. But what has become disturbing, even to the lay traditional farmers, is the fact that the short rainy season has become increasingly and persistently unviable as a growing season (in the localities that used to benefit from it)! Even during the long rainy season, typical recording is no more on the cold side of ambient temperature. In recent years and not infrequently, rain pours down as if it were a tropical island shower, wet but not so cold. Talk about perceptible change, with a believable heuristic explanation!
Here is another area that is truly out of hand, despite its pretension to scientific/technological rationality. Our assumptions involving the issue of nuclear fire, peaceful or otherwise, (again based on our inherently limited knowledge of nature) urgently need honest reassessment, as we never tire of repeating! For example, one would have thought after the demise of Fukushima things would change for the better, i.e., humanity will stop playing with ‘God’s fire’, but it seems that is not going to be the case! To some extent, the usual propaganda machine is to blame. Immediately after the Fukushima incident, we insisted that the whole narrative that was gaining currency at the time was not only wrong, but was purposely preached to fool the gullible sheeple (human mass.) The phony ratings (degree of severity of accident) were absolutely hollow and were used only to cynically manipulate the psyche of the unknowing global sheeple. We repeat; forget Chernobyl, Fukushima’s damage to all humanity is hardly calculable, in fact it is incalculable! As it stands, no one is able to tell the world what is happening there, not even a soul! Even the robots that were sent to superficially monitor the situation inside the reactor building (only on the floor/visible parts) couldn’t last three hours because of extremely high level of radiation!
As if such disasters are not enough to source a global moratorium against nuclear energy, we have small and even archaic countries, like the oil kingdoms of the Middle East, who want to install nuclear power plants in their territories. From now, we believe, the decision to put up such uncontrollable human concoctions need the decision of all humanity and not only of the power hungry psychopaths running the show! Once a nuclear power accident materializes, it will be all of humanity that will be affected (and not only the particular country and its people.) Unfortunately this is being lost on many a sheeple across the world! We believe the African sheeple should gear up to oppose such lunacy before it takes shape, whether it is in South Africa, Middle East, etc.! The profit driven system will not care if humanity is wiped out from the face of the earth, so long as capital is accrued. But accrued to whom? The lifeless corporation and its complacent shareholders? May be they will take all the profits queezed from life to Armageddon? Don’t be fooled, the nuclear industry is probably one of the few economic sectors where profit is intertwined with dire technical incompetency, nay, incapacity (inherent). Yet, it is allowed to flourish without serious encumbrance, to the detriment of all life forms!
Luckily, a segment of the sheeple (human mass) has started to wake up, in other worlds it has started to change! Only this past week activists took the case of climate change to court and got favorable ruling. This happened in the Netherlands. Many such cases are being prepared for filing in the courts of various countries. Change is coming! Boycotting fossil fuel is also getting traction. Naturally, oil peddlers are concocting all sorts of plans to thwart off this new and one would say, very powerful initiative! The media controlled by such psychopathic/sociopathic evils are working hard to discredit the movement. But humanity is gradually realizing the futility of it all. Change is coming!
It is our considered opinion that certain technologies, like the utilization of nuclear energy (to whatever end) should be regarded as a crime against humanity. Take it from those who were in the know. “We knew the world would not be the same. Few people laughed, few people cried, most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita. Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, “Now I am Death, the destroyer of worlds.” I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.” Robert Oppenheimer, scientific director of the Manhattan Project on the occasion of the first explosion of the Atom Bomb. Good Day!