Binyam Said


Name: Binyam Said
Education: Some College
Company name: Binyam and Henok Iron and Woodwork Design
Studio title: Co-founder and co-manager
Founded: 2014
What it does: Produces custom iron and wood designs
HQ: Around Wessen Sefer
Number of employees: 4
Startup capital: 10,000  Birr
Current capital: 50,000  Birr
Reason for starting business: Desire to expand local production of artisanal wood and iron works, traditionally imported from China and Turkey
Biggest perk of ownership: The ability to create job opportunities for others
Biggest strength: Organizational skills
Biggest weakness: Often too nice to employees
Biggest worry: Shortage of funds and brand recognition
Favorite task: Working as a team
Most challenging task: Convincing customers to believe in our products
Plan: Expanding within the market as a reputable local producer
First career: Current job
Most interested in meeting: Dr. Woretaw Bezabih
Most admired person: Mesfin Getachew, friend and mentor
Stress reducer: Going to church
Favorite pastime: Spending time with friends
Favorite book: Entrepreneurship by Dr. Woretaw Bezabih
Favorite film: None
Favorite destination: Bishoftu
Favorite automobile: BMW