Bottled water producers given deadline to adopt Ethiopian Standard Mark


Bottled water producing companies have been given a two-month deadline to start carrying the Ethiopian Standard Mark on their product labeling or risk being taken off the market.
The Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority (FMHACA), the Ethiopian Standard Agency, the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise and the Trade Practice and Consumers Protection Authority jointly wrote a letter to companies reminding them to carry the Standard Mark on their products within two months.
“We have informed companies that their products need to carry the Ethiopian Standard Mark on their labeling. If they do not comply within the timeframe, they will be taken off the market,” said Samson Abraham, public relations and communications director at FMHACA.
According to Samson, although some bottled water products do not carry the Standard Mark on their labeling, it does not necessarily mean that they are of a lower quality.
“Many companies are producing quality products but still need to carry the Standard Mark. Food items including water must adhere to mandatory standards set by the Standards Agency,” Samson said.
The Ethiopian Standard Agency has two categories for product standards: mandatory and voluntary. Mandatory standards are enforced by law and administrative regulations as they are vital to the protection of human health and safety. All other standards are considered voluntary standards.