Yonas Gizaw


Name: Yonas Gizaw
Education: Industrial Chemistry
Company name: Yonas Foods Packaging and Distribution
Studio title: Manager
Founded: 2004
What it does: Produce and pack iodized sugar and vitamin A sugar
HQ: Legetafo
Number of employees: 6
Startup capital: 5,000 birr
Current capital: 207,000 birr
Reason for starting business: To supply quality food products to the community
Biggest perk of ownership: Shortage of iodized, quality food products
Biggest strength: Desire to help society
Biggest weakness: Difficulty promoting our products
Biggest worry: High rents threatening our business
Favorite task: Working in the food industry
Most challenging task: Increasing social awareness of the benefits of our products
Plan: Lowering food contamination
First career: Working in a packaging company
Most interested in meeting: Professor Mesfin Woldemariyam
Most admired person: Professor Mesfin Woldemariyam
Stress reducer: Going out of the city
Favorite past time: Time with my family
Favorite book: Books on Politics
Favorite destination: Israel
Favorite automobile: Port Kennel
Favorite film: Don Quixote