Muktar urges some groups to refrain from aggravating violence in Oromia


Chief Administrator of Oromia Regional State Muktar Kedir has urged anti-peace forces to refrain from adding fuel to the violence that had occurred in some parts of the regional state.
Muktar met with local media syndicates on Friday following an outbreak of violence in various regional state towns opposing the new master plan of Addis Ababa which will integrate some parts of an engulfing Oromia Special Zone.
The violence had occurred due to minimal awareness about the master plan and this has created uncertainty among the community and had led the public to question its necessity, he said.
The plan is not to take land from Oromia, but it is meant to link Addis Ababa with the surrounding Oromia region zones with infrastructures such as road, water and electricity, Muktar said.
But some anti-peace groups are using the vacuum created in public awareness to propagate their hidden agenda, the chief administrator said.
He called on anti-peace groups to refrain from adding fuel to the violence.
According to Muktar, discussion on the master plan will be held at all levels of social hierarchies.
The plan will not be implemented until clarity, common understanding and consensus are reached, he said.
The chief administrator also briefed the media about the ongoing response to the El-Nino caused drought.
(Fana Broadcasting)